Date: 15 March, 2013

What has previously only been available as a third-party after-market mod has now been adopted by Stern Pinball as they begin selling a blue LED dot-matrix display (DMD) for their games.

The Tron:Legacy game was the first to truly benefit from a blue DMD but other games have also appeared sporting single colour displays, including Stern's recently-released limited edition The Avengers - Hulk, where the display was green.

Stern think the blue version would also look good in The Avengers, X-Men and Avatar. The LEDs used are actually blue, and not white LEDs with a blue filter.

The costs of the blue display is not cheap at $399 + tax + shipping; somewhat more than other blue DMD displays on the market. Like them, it comes with a sheet of tinted blue film to help hide the gaps between the LED blocks.

The blue display kit will be available from Stern distributors or the company themselves from mid-April. The part number is: 502-6811-00.

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