Story dated 9th August 2002

Yes, it's another of those "I don't believe it" stories with, what has to be the weakest connection to pinball ever.

Ready? Here we go. This one's from Reuters.

CHICAGO - Tiger, Snowball Snookie and Pinball will be able to play all day long in their own yard, take in a movie,and then get a massage to relieve the stress of the day -- all
in the comfort of their own kitty condominium.

But only if the pet cats outlive their owner.

A trust fund set up by cat owner Erica Parker will provide her orphaned pets with their own suite equipped with television, a garden and other services such as grooming.
"I hope that people understand that when people care for their pets it's not eccentric, it's just caring," said 41-year-old Parker, who lives in Littles Town, Pennsylvania, and
does not have children.

Pet Estates in Melrose, New York, has arranged to care for Parker's beloved Tiger, Snowball, Snookie, Alex, Kelly Cat and Pinball in the event that she cannot.

While cats might not be interested in the swimming pool at the seven-acre (2.8-hectare) estate near Albany, New York, owner-less dogs can take a dip while listening to music and wolfing down treats.

Pampered pets will enjoy warm meals and a raised, heated bed in the serenity of their own private rooms, as opposed to a kennel cage. Parker and her husband decided during a daily commute to provide for their cats. "We were concerned that, God forbid,
something happens to us," she said.

Her will sets aside money for either a semi-private suite with shared community room and play yard, costing $7,300 a year, or a two-room condo with enclosed porch for $11,000. If she opts to arrange for massages for her cats, it will cost $35 per 40-minute session.

Not a bad life for cats she rescued from the streets.
For dogs, prices are higher with a semi-private suite, shared community room and play yard costing $14,600. A two-room condo with enclosed porch is $21,400.
Dogs also can receive a half-hour bath for $40.


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