Story dated July 25, 2006 .

Pinball is unlikely to every make you rich, but you wouldn't turn your nose up at the chance to win $10,000* just for doing what you're doing now - sitting in front of a computer - would you?

That's exactly what German game publisher Zuxxez are offering in a promotion for their upcoming PC pinball game Dream Pinball 3D.

Now, normally we wouldn't touch PC pinball simulators or emulators with a very long barge pole, but the prospect of winning a large wedge is enough to get us to bend the rules a little.

So this is a downloadable version of one of the six Dream Pinball 3D tables with a few of the adjustments locked to put it into tournament mode.

You enter your e-mail address and receive an e-mail with a link to download the table. Be aware though, you need a fairly meaty graphics card to play the game. Anything without the words "Turbo", "Xtreme" or "Insanity" in the title just won't cut it.

But if you can start a small tropical storm with the fan on your card, download the application and set about winning that $10,000* top prize.

Sadly, the Pinball News steam-powered computer wasn't able to run it so hopefully you'll have better luck and can find the keyboard combo that cleans the playfield glass to remove that nasty flare.

If you win the top prize, just remember who told you about it, eh?

The competition closes on the 31st August so don't leave it too long.


*The website actually says $10.000 but hopefully that's just the European notation and not a cunning ruse to only award a $10 prize.


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