Story dated 30th January 2002.

Details for this year's Dutch Pinball Open have been released by the Dutch Pinball Association and there are some changes following our article about last year's show.

Although the town is the same, the venue is different this year. The DPO 2002 will be held at the Leusden Activity Centre in a larger room than last year, and the promise of greatly reduced queues to get in.

The activity centre is in the town centre and there are restaurants and shops nearby including an ATM, though there aren't any hotels within easy walking distance so you really need your own transport. There are plenty of shops but be aware that they're closed all day Sunday.

Doors open on Saturday 27 April 2002 from 12:30 hrs until midnight. Sunday from 09:30 until 17:00 hrs. A minimum of ninety games are available of which some fifty are for recreation and set on free play. In addition ten computers will be available for PC-pinball. The activity centre also has a tenpin bowling, a licensed bar and snacks will be available all day.

Competitions to be held over the weekend:
  • Dutch Open Championship. Qualifying rounds on Saturday. Maximum 128 players. Reservations are advised. Entries to be made before 14:00 hrs on Saturday.
    The best 64 players will continue for the second round on Sunday.

  • Ladies competition on Sunday. Entries to be made before 10.00 hrs Sunday

  • Veteran competition on Sunday. Minimum age 45 and a minimum of 10 players are required.

  • Junior competition on Sunday. Maximum age 15 and a minimum of 10 players are required.

  • PC-pinball on Sunday.

  • There may be some additional side competitions on Sunday.

There are also some improvements planned for the Dutch Open Championship. Although games can always last longer than intended, start times for every single game and group will now be shown. It will be interesting to see how well this works. After two qualifying games on Saturday, there will be a long break. The Annual General Meeting will be held during that break and the time to go out and eat is effectively doubled.

A fortnight earlier the DPA are holding the qualifying rounds for the Championship. On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April 2002 at the Gemeenschapshuis (Community Centre) in Oirsbeek, the Netherlands will host a massive pinball event for NFV members and interested visitors. More than 30 pinball machines will be available for play. In addition, table soccer can be played on a number of tables. Refreshments will be available locally and there will be a booth with pinball machine parts.

On Sunday afternoon between 13:00 and 17:00hrs a number of pinball machines are reserved to hold a pre-qualification round of the Dutch Pinball Open 2002 (DPO) which is organised in Leusden on 27 and 28 April. During this pre-qualification round, a number of places in the finals of the Dutch Pinball Championship can be won. The exact number of places will depend on the number of contestants.

The cost of this event is € 5.00 per day while NFV members pay € 5.00 for the whole weekend. Children younger than 12 years (under parental supervision) pay € 2.50 and the fee for DPO qualification round is € 2.50.


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