Story dated March 26, 2005

This year's European Pinball Championship will host a battle between teams from various European countries.

Taking place at the Silverstone complex at Zwanenburg near Amsterdam in The Netherlands, the EPC 2005 will feature the Europa Cup tournament where teams of four players from countries around Europe vie to claim the title of European Champions for their home nation.

In addition, there will be an individual tournament running in parallel with the EuropaCup. Individual entrants are limited to 108 and there are currently already 80 players registered so those hoping to take part should sign up as soon as possible.

Both tournaments will be played on a selection of 50 modern games while another batch will be available for recreational play. There will also be a number of vendors selling pinball parts and games.

Although Silverstone is the home of the tournaments this year, in 2006 the German Pinball Association will host the EPC in Munich to make it a truly European event. Other pinball organisations are invited to run it in future years.

The EPC 2005 takes place on the 21st and 22nd May. To register and for more details go to the EPC website.



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