Date: 3rd February, 2013

Renowned software programmer and development manager Ted Estes has joined the team at Jersey Jack Pinball in the role of Senior Software Developer.

Ted is well know for his work at Williams Electronic Games where he was Manager of Pinball Software Development, creating the code for Demolition Man and working with Pat Lawlor, Larry DeMar and Dwight Sullivan on Roadshow and Twilight Zone.

He also pioneered a more customer-friendly face to the pinball division with his tongue-in-cheek Ask Uncle Willy question and answer column, which appeared irregularly on the rec.games.pinball newsgroup between 1995 and 1999. Even today, these make a good read and are full of inside information about the company and their games.

After Williams closed its pinball division, Ted worked at WMS Gaming (recently bought out by Scientific Games), Cisco, and was instrumental in setting up Spooky Cool Labs with Joe Kaminkow, Larry DeMar and Brian Eddy amongst others, where he was Director of Quality Assurance as they launched their The Wizard of Oz facebook game.

Ted will join his former Williams colleague Keith Johnson at Jersey Jack Pinball, where he will help to complete the software for The Wizard of Oz pinball, and work on their future games, including The Hobbit.

But Ted is not the only boost to the software side, as JJP President Jack Guarnieri announced he has taken on two more programmers to build up the capabilities of the company and speed up the delivery of their products.

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