Date: 29th July 2009

Some pinball machines inspire incredible levels of devotion. People carefully nurture and pamper their precious games, post pictures of them, enhance them with mods and even create websites entirely devoted them.

But two musicians from Seattle were so taken with the Funhouse the played at their local Full Tilt Ice Cream parlour, they decided to write a song about it.

The pair call themselves Full Circle and they told Pinball News: "We were playing the game at Full Tilt and thought it would be fun to write a song about it. All the elements were there, it would be fun to craft a song around ideas from the machine."

Rudy's Basement includes many references to the game's features, such as:

  "I ate all your hotdogs,
and played on your stairs.
Go hide in your basement,
but I'll see you there."

Although they used to own several games, with access to locations in Seattle such as Full Tilt and Shorty's, they no longer feel the need to own any pinball machines of their own.

But the Funhouse in Full Tilt got under their skin and they just had to immortalise Rudy's playground in song. "It's all for fun and we love pinball".

You can listen to the Full Circle's Rudy's Basement by clicking here.


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