Date: 19th November 2010

The pinball, jukebox, video and arcade games magazine, GameRoom has ceased publication after a 22 year run.

The GameRoom logo

GameRoom had been publishing since 1988 when it was founded by Dave and Donna Couper. It was sold to Tim and Jacqueline Ferrante in 1996 following Dave's passing.

Tim and Jacqueline ran it for 10 years until Kevin Steele of Steele Publishing bought it in 2006, moving the archives and stock from Florida to Kevin's Cleveland, Ohio base.

Kevin's first edition was the February 2006 issue but now, after 4 years and 9 months, he has decided to close the operation, saying "due to the deteriorating economic climate for print media, it is impossible for us to continue publishing GameRoom Magazine".

The magazine had been offered for sale to various parties over recent months and it was hoped a buyer could be found, but the economic conditions he cites and the obligation to existing subscribers meant nobody was prepared to try and turn around its fortunes.

Those existing subscribers haven't been forgotten though.  They have all been sent a code to download 20 years of back issues of the magazine for free from the magazine's website.

We at Pinball News wish Kevin the best of luck in his future ventures and thank him, along with Tim, Jacqueline, Dave and Donna for their valued contribution to the conscientious reporting of pinball's history over the past 22 years.


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