Date: 7th May, 2012

A new audio device for pinball machines promises to make it easy to add a headphone jack and an audio mute button to your game, with one easy-to-install kit.

The PinPAC 1 hardware comes from a company called and they say the kit works with all Williams, Bally and Stern games from 1990 onwards. 

It fits on any coin door with a blank bill acceptor plate, which unfortunately makes it unsuitable for European games and many others destined for export outside North America.  Nevertheless, say they are working on a similar system which will work on games without bill acceptor plates on the door.

The control panel
The control panel

For now though, the blank bill acceptor plate is removed, the PinPAC 1's control panel is bolted in its place and the connections made on the audio board.

The control panel features a 3.5mm audio jack, a volume control and a switch to mute or enable the game's internal speakers.  This means players can listen to the game's audio without distractions if they use the headphones, while deciding whether or not to play the same sounds through the game's speakers.

The PinPAC 1 brochure
The PinPAC 1 brochure

The PinPAC 1 costs $150 per game and is currently only available by e-mailing at the e-mail address shown on the brochure above.


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