Story dated October 4, 2005 , updated October 12, 2005.

With the expectation of a slew of new products coming out later this month, Wayne Gillard has appointed Pinball Heaven as distributors for the UK and much of Western Europe.

Phil Palmer, owner of Pinball Heaven told Pinball News: "Its good to see someone with sense like Wayne Gillard finally making it into the pinball industry. WMS just couldn't see that smaller companies who specialized in one sector of the amusement business (pinball) were much better equipped to deal with customers who didn't really know what part they wanted or how their machine was supposed to work! Thankfully that has now
changed with our appointment as UK distributor."

Phil will stock parts and eventually games from The Pinball Factory and will ship them not just to the UK but also to eight European countries - Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden - until local distributors are established. The new parts will be added to Pinball Heaven's on-line catalogue of over a thousand pinball parts.

Phil told us: "We're anxiously waiting for Oct 12th when Wayne officially takes over and can start selling his products to the World but what are those products I hear you ask? Well we've all seen the first posted list on bulletin boards but we'll have to wait a bit longer for the full list. As soon as we know what will be available and at what price, we will add the products to our already extensive website catalogue."

Regarding shipping outside the UK, Pinball Heaven have already made arrangements.  "We already ship more parts internationally than we do nationally so when we were also given 8 European countries to look after until distributors in those countries were found we were delighted. Through some tough negotiation we secured an excellent deal with ParcelForce Worldwide enabling us to ship parts to EU countries within 48 hours if the customer requested such, even next day to Sweden and a few other EU Countries for
just £25 or less!"

But Pinball Heaven are not alone.  The Pinball Factory now has distributors in 20 other countries utilising a mixture of existing and former WMS resellers and some new companies.

One such is PinWest in Canada.  Set up by David Eisner who made the Lord Of The Rings ramp featured here in Pinball News, PinWest have also contracted to sell games produced by The Pinball Factory.

David told Pinball News: "I founded PinWest in the hopes of bring unique pinball-related items to the pinball community. I contacted Wayne very early in the development of his line of pinball machines and parts. Wayne has been excellent to deal with and communications have always gone well. I hope to bring his line of pinball machines
primarily to the Canadian collector at competitive prices."

With a large number of parts already announced and more to come, pinball owners should have easier access through their local distributors than ever before after October 12th.


Now the 12th has arrived and some of those new products have appeared in distributors' parts list.

The parts announced by The Pinball Factory as being newly available are shown below but bear in mind that they couldn't be sold to distributors until the 12th October so may take a while to arrive or to be added to the various companies' web sites.

  • MM Drawbridge
  • MM Castle Gates
  • MM Troll Carriages
  • MM Troll Switches
  • MM Castle Top
  • MM Castle right
  • MM Castles Main
  • MM Castle door
  • MM Playfield decal set for flaps/drawbridge etc
  • Legs - Chrome/Gold/Black
  • Levellers - 3" OEM Williams ones
  • Leg Plates with Pem nuts
  • Lockdown Bars - Standard size
  • All the black plastic Moldings for backglasses / playfield sides and rear etc.
  • JM spinner decals
  • CV cabinet decals
  • WPC single and double coin doors
  • 128 x 32 dot matrix displays
  • "W Williams Flipper Bats
  • Flipper Bushings
  • 01-12356 and 01-12356-1 Microswitch mounting Brackets
  • 01-5492
  • Belts for Fishtales/Hurricane/Cyclone
  • A-14028 and A-14030
  • 02-4668 plunger
  • Arabian Nights Lamp
  • CV/SWEP1 Neon Transformers
  • 03-7034-9 light hoods
  • 03-7034-13 light hoods
  • Slingsot kicker mtg brackets
  • Pop Bumper mtg brackets
  • H channel display panel plastic
  • Scared Stiff coffin lid
  • Full range of targets all colors


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