Story dated October 25, 2004

A new website has been created where you can register your highest scores on various pinball games.

Pinballhighscores.org allows registered users to input details of their best games on most electronic games - EM games are not currently included - and see how they compare to others. Pictures can also be uploaded to support your claim.

Obviously, it's tricky to directly compare scores on different models of the same game with factors such as angle, condition, tilt allowance and difficulty setting just a few of the issues directly contributing to the outcome of a game.

But the site's creator is keen to stress the fun angle. Stefan Andersson told Pinball News "This site is just made for fun, and maybe give some players some extra motivation to score higher."

There's also the possibility of made-up high scores being entered and distorting the figures. Stefan assured us "we'll try to keep track of fake scores. They will, of course, be deleted".

At the time of writing there were 331 scores entered into the database, mostly from the site's home country Sweden but the site is only a little over a month old so numbers should start picking up soon.

If you want to record your scores - and remember, you don't have to beat the current highest score to register your personal best - click here to visit the Pinball Highscores site.


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