Story dated 23rd December, 2002.

Reports suggest ICE may have ditched plans to make pinball games.

ICE (Innovative Concepts in Entertainment) are rumoured to have got their calculator out and done the sums only to discover the numbers don't add up, and have put their plans on... ice.

If true, it doesn't bode well for fellow potential pinball entrants Churchill Cabinets and Chicago Flipper.

ICE already had the manufacturing capabilities to produce pinball games in quantity, probably the largest hurdle any new start-up would have to overcome, plus the distribution system in place to sell them, so if they can't make the figures work, what hope for the others?

The answer may lie in their business plan. Any start-up would expect to make losses for the first few years before breaking into profitability. ICE may have demanded immediate profits from any new product range and found pinball wasn't able to deliver that.

More news on ICE's plans when we receive them.


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