Story dated 12th April 2000, updated 3rd October 2000.

He's back. The pinball game designer Pat Lawlor has joined forces with some of his former colleagues from Williams Industries to form a new company, Pat Lawlor Design, with offices at 24308 Tomlin Road, Marengo, Illinois. The firm will be devoted to designing original coin-op games and offering consulting services that will take advantage of the collective strengths of staff members John Krutsch, Louis Koziarz, and Pat Lawlor.

Krutsch is the former head of mechanical design for Williams pinball. He designed the playfield toys such as the gumball machine on Twilight Zone and the original Rudy from FunHouse.

Koziarz's forte is programming, and his credits include programming games such as Tales of the Arabian Nights, No Good Gofers, and the Pinball 2000 platform.

Lawlor is best known for his design of games like FunHouse and The Addams Family and was working on the 3rd game in the Pinball 2000 series - a Monopoly based game - before the plug was pulled on the project.

Lawlor commented, "We are delighted to start this new chapter in our involvement with the coin-op community and look forward to producing a new game for street operators in the next year."

It is believed that their first game will be a video game rather than a pinball, but it is also rumoured that they are working with Gene Cunningham on his proposed new game Pinball Pool.

(Editor's note: This rumour has since been denied by sources close to PLD)


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