Story dated 22nd October 2001.

It seems that Pat Lawlor was not the only former William's employee to have been asked about making a game for Stern Pinball Inc.


A year ago Gary was talking with Pat Lawlor and the result of those discussions was the Monopoly pinball and another game to follow next year.

Ex-Head of Pinball Engineering at William's, Larry DeMar was approached informally by Gary Stern at this year's AMOA show and as a result some preliminary discussions followed about Larry's game design company Leading Edge Design getting involved in the design of a pinball game for Stern.


At the moment it looks unlikely the talks with Wheeling, Illinois based Leading Edge Design will result in a game commission.

Leading Edge Design is geared towards gaming machines and a prospective price would make it uneconomic for LED to move away from their core business but it's possible some compromise will be reached in the future.

Larry DeMar told Pinball News "I love working on pinball and look forward to the time when my group is out of the startup phase where such decisions won't have to be so strictly focused on dollars and cents."

Gary Stern has already stated his intention to use outside design companies but it's not clear if the PLD contract has fulfilled that or if he wants to reduce in-house design further.


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