Story dated January 12, 2006 .

A new website has been produced to give pinball fans easy access to their favourite in-game music.

Brendan Bailey set up the site which so far has over 130 tracks from 28 games with many more to come.

Pinball News asked Brendan why he started the service and he told us "I originally set up my website back in 2001 when pinball really started becoming a hobby for me. I have always been interested in electronic music, and pinball machines (especially Williams system 11 games) showcase some very fine work."

Until now, lack of web space had prevented Brendan from putting the music online but now he has the space to make the site a reality. "I now host with, whose founder happens to be Kevin Martin, the organizer of the PAPA pinball tournaments. Ever since I added so much space to the site, I've been wanting to make a dedicated pinball music site, and I just finally got around to it!"

The music included so far has come from the original game ROMs played through PinMAME's pinball emulator before being converted to the WMA format, but Brendan is keen for others to send in their favourite tracks. "WMA or MP3 format is fine. WAV's can be converted, since when they are generated by PinMAME, they are pretty big!"

Files can be sent to

Brendan's main site also includes interviews with two famous pinball music maestros Brian Schmidt and Chris Granner who between them have been responsible for the music and sounds on 76 pinball games.

As for future plans, Brendan want to grow the archive and even include some of his own compositions. "I plan to maintain and add to directory... There are still many quality soundtracks I have not covered yet, such as Medieval Madness and No Good Gofers. I also want to complete any 'partial sets' as well as add some more of music I have written using game synthesizers.

The site can be found at:


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