Date: 16th February, 2013

Welcome to our round-up of the latest happenings from the world of pinball. In this report we bring you news of how to win a P3 machine in a free giveaway, news of the latest improved version of a device we featured earlier, and how pinball is in the spotlight at a Dutch bookshop.


It's only a few weeks until the Texas Pinball Festival is held in Dallas, and one of the exhibitors and seminar speakers has announced a free draw where the winner will receive a P3 pinball machine valued at $9,495, along with free delivery of the prize to their home.

Visitors to the Multimorphic team's seminar on Saturday at 5:30pm will be able to participate in the draw and, at some point during the talk, entries will be collected and the lucky winner drawn.

The Multimorphic team with the P3
The Multimorphic team with the P3

Pinball News has covered the development of the P3 pinball platform ever since our exclusive first public announcement, and we'll have even more announcements of exciting developments with the P3 next month.

Production of the innovative new machine is expected to start at the end of this year with the prize delivered to the winner's home in early 2014. Only visitors to the Multimorphic seminar are eligible to enter, so make sure you're at the Texas Pinball Festival in Dallas next month for the chance to join in.

More details of the draw's terms and conditions are on the Multimorphic website and you'll be able to read all about what happened in Dallas in our upcoming TPF report.


Nine months ago we brought you news of an add-on board for builders of virtual pinball machines which allowed the connection of a real dot matrix display instead of an LCD screen to emulate one.

Now a redesigned second generation PinDMD board has been released with a host of improvements. The number of shades supported has been increased to sixteen from the original's four, and the maximum frame rate has been doubled to more than sixty frames per second.

The second generation PinDMD board
The second generation PinDMD board

The new board uses the STM32F4 microcontroller, which allows for a simpler hardware design and eliminates any flicker with complex animations. The USB connector has also been changed to a full size one for improved reliability.

The first run of 100 units were all pre-sold before assembly began, and a second run is 70% pre-sold too, so there's strong demand from machine builders.

Find out more at the PinDMD website and see some examples of the board in action on this YouTube playlist.


The No Balls, No Glory book celebrating the Dutch Pinball Association's (NFV) 20th anniversary was officially launched just before last year's Dutch Pinball Open in Amsterdam.

Now the book is on sale in the city's largest bookshop, and is being promoted with a front window display featuring a pinball machine which available for the public to play.

Co-author Jim Jansen plays the World Cup Soccer in Selexyz Scheltema
Co-author Jim Jansen plays the World Cup Soccer in Selexyz Scheltema

The display takes place in a window facing the tram stop where thousands of commuters stand each day waiting for their ride to or from work, giving the book and pinball in general plenty of exposure.

There is also a high score competition running on the World Cup Soccer machine for a few more days, with the four highest scorers winning a signed copy of the book.

If you're in city and want to see the pinball display (and win or buy a copy of the book), Selexyz Scheltema is located at Koningsplein 20, 1017 BB Amsterdam. The No Balls, No Glory book costs €20 either in-store or from the NVF through their website.

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