Date: 15th October, 2011

A group of indie film makers and pinball enthusiasts based in the San Francisco area are looking for donations to fund a comedic love story set against the backdrop of pinball tournaments and a donut shop.

The short film's storyline is described thus: "Matt’s never known a girl like Julie; she’s a pinball genius in a vintage dress. He’s just a fraternity pledge trying to escape his rural roots. Can Matt win Julie’s love when he doesn’t have a decent skill shot? Will Julie’s dreams of winning a pinball tournament come true? Do apple fritters have way too many calories?"

Pinball Donut Girl will star Jane Wiedlin (Star Trek, The Go-Go's), but the crew need donations to meet the projected $21,750 costs.

The film's Producer, Anna Newman, told Pinball News that she hopes to go ahead with shooting in San Francisco in November, so really needs to raise the necessary funds by the end of October to pay the crew and hire the equipment.

Anna already funded the shooting of one of the scenes at California Extreme, using a Gottlieb Slick Chick supplied as part of a display by the Pacific Pinball Museum.

Shooting one of the scenes from Pinball Donut Girl at California Extreme
Shooting one of the scenes from Pinball Donut Girl at California Extreme
(photo by Melanie Nelson)

The project has already attracted more than $7,000 since the start of the month as well as the backing of some well-known names in the pinball business, including Gene Cunningham, John Popadiuk, the Pacific Pinball Museum and Jeri Ellsworth, along with many others.

Donors receive a range of benefits depending on the size of contributions, from access to behind-the-scenes pictures, copies of the film on DVD, a poster for the movie, pinball art photographs, and even an appearance in the film itself.

More shooting at California Extreme
(photo by Melanie Nelson)

You can find out more about the benefits available and donate to help make the film a reality here.

More information about the cast, crew, story and fund-raising efforts is available in Anna's article on the Film Courage site and on the film's dedicated website.


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