Date: 16th July, 2012

The final stage ahead of publication of Jonathan Joosten's new Pinball Magazine has been reached with the release of the 8-page preview version on-line and, shortly, in printed form.

The preview edition illustrates how the magazine's main feature about Roger Sharpe will look, a sample of the areas covered in the extensive, in-depth interview, and a look at some of the additional articles also included in the first issue.

The Pinball Magazine preview

The Pinball Magazine preview ends with a copy of the Pinball News article announcing the magazine's launch.

The look and production qualities of the preview mirror those in the full magazine, using large, high quality pictures with good use of whitespace and a clean modern layout.

Besides the sample from the main feature about Roger Sharpe's life in pinball, the preview includes a look at the upcoming interview with Josh and Zach Sharpe about the IPFA, the Pacific Pinball Museum's Michael Schiess' guided tour of the museum, and an interview with Robin and Martijn van Mourik of Pinside about the growth in popularity of their on-line discussion community.

More sample pages from Pinball Magazine
More sample pages from Pinball Magazine

While the preview is available on-line, it will also be published in paper form and be available for free from various pinball shows, both before and after the main magazine's official launch at the UK Pinball Party next month.

In addition, there are plans to translate the preview magazine into German, French and Spanish. If, as a result, there proves to be sufficient demand, the main magazine could also be published in those languages. Editor, Jonathan Joosten would like to hear from translators who would like to help increase Pinball Magazine's reach in these markets.

With the preview now available, anyone wanting to experience the full magazine can place their pre-order through the magazine's website. The price is $15 plus shipping, which varies depending on the delivery country. Buyers from the UK are advised to collect their copy at the UK Pinball Party to save on shipping costs and get it signed by the Editor.

As always, you'll be able to find out all the latest news about Pinball Magazine, including it's launch next month, right here at Pinball News.


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