Date: 4th June, 2017

Report by M.G. Brown

AMT scale model kit company will be releasing the all new Dirty Donny’s 'Pinball Punk!' unassembled and unpainted resin figure kit in June 2017.

The kit includes a stand-up pinball machine with multiple graphic option decals. The figure and pinball machine when assembled is approximately 1/8 actual size.

Dirty Donny's Pinball Punk! resin kit
Dirty Donny's Pinball Punk! resin kit

As Pinball News readers may recall, Dirty Donny (Gillies) has done backglass and playfield art for several games including the recently released Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Crusher, Aerosmith and Metallica, all produced by Stern Pinball.

Dirty Donny has collaborated with AMT in the design of other model kits including the Vantasy and Dirty Donny’s Super Bee. Suggested Retail Price (USA) $34.99.

AMT is a registered trade mark of Round 2 LLC, 4073 Meghan Beeler Court, South Bend, Indiana 46628, USA.

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