Story dated 1 January, 2004

The Pinformer web site has returned in a new guise after an extended absence.

The site - which lists pinball games on location in the UK - had been unavailable since September 2003 when the owner Andrew Vevers decided to discontinue the service.

Here at Pinball News, we believed there was a need for this type of web site and so we have been working to restore it.

Ben Willcox came forward and produced a working Perl/MySQL database and by December a working prototype was available to play with.

Pinball News provided Ben with plenty of advice, designed the site logo above and provided the new web site domain so that the new Pinformer2 could go live on the 30th December.

So now the site is up and running so UK pinball players can tell each other about their local games and help them find games to play around the country. If you know of a game on location - or you want to add your home games - visit and fill in the details.



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