Date: 23rd July, 2011

Following his Zizzle home pinball games and the Pinball Scrapbook and Pinball Wizard apps for the iPad, former Bally pinball designer John Popadiuk has announced plans to produce a limited run of 13 new games.

John Popadiuk
John Popadiuk

John's new game is called Magic Girl and is, he says, "a 1990s inspired custom pinball machine full of flipper flash, digital fun, innovative play and magnetic creative wonder!"  He describes the projected thirteen games as "prototypes" and says they will be designed, engineered and built in the USA.

No playfield design has been released and details of the game's features are still only described in vague terms, but John has produced this promotional image which shows it as a full-size machine with a combination of classic and modern elements.

Magic Girl information
Magic Girl information

John says it will contain, "gorgeous hand-drawn artwork, updated cabinet design, new innovations in playfield mechanics, modular expandable hardware, special social connectivity ALL created just for this full-size pinball game handbuilt by the designer in Chicago."

Some of the playfield features John has revealed are The Egyptian Box of Wonder, Vanishing Locks and The Amazing Double Lion Saw, making the game sound like a development of his earlier Theatre of Magic model produced by Bally in 1995.

All of this comes at a price, though.  The game will cost $15,995 plus tax and shipping, rising by another $2,000 on 31st October, 2011.

In an unusual sales pitch, potential buyers are required to pay a refundable $500 deposit, after which they will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and pay half the total price of the game within seven days.  The remaining balance will then be paid in installments during the development and build of the game which is predicted to take nine months.

Full details of how to purchase one of the Magic Girl machines can be found at John's website www.pinballinventor.org which suggests that, at the time of writing, six people have already put down the refundable deposits to secure their unique game number.

Naturally, we'll keep you updated with all the latest Magic Girl news right here at Pinball News.

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