Date: 5th September 2015

We've covered the pinball endurance record twice here at Pinball News, but the current record will come under attack this week in Vancouver, British Colombia.

It was in 2007 at the Westland Shopping Centre in Whyalla,Australia that Alessandro Parisi set the current official Guinness World Record record for continuous pinball playing at 28 hours.

There have been longer periods of continuous pinball recorded, not least Lonnie Mihin's 50 hour stint at Pinball Expo in Wheeling last year, and Ronald M Mowry's 72 hours and 8 minutes back in 1974 at a sandwich store in Hallendale Beach, Florida.

But neither of these were officially recorded in accordance with the rules of the Guinness World Records organisation. The requirements for official verification of a world record - which include having two fully-independent witnesses present at all times to confirm that all the rules are being followed - are sufficiently onerous to dissuade many who consider getting their names into the record books.

But not Eden Stamm, one of Canada's top pinball players, who will make his own attempt to break that 28 hour record starting on Tuesday 8th September. And this time it will be certified by Guinness World Records.

Promotional material for the world record attempt
Promotional material for the world record attempt

The attempt will be made at The Lamplighter Public House in Gastown, Vancouver, with the first plunge of the ball scheduled for 3pm this Tuesday, 8th September. If everything goes to plan the record will be matched at 7pm the following day, with any time beyond that extending the record further.

Eden will be permitted a five minute break for every completed hour and these can be banked to provide a longer break. The scheduled record-breaking time will coincide with the start of the new weekly Replay Pinball Tournament which kicks off at 7pm this Wednesday, having moved from the Library Square location.

Damon Holowchak of Donnelly Group which owns both The Lamplighter and Library Square explained how idea of trying to break the record came about. He said, "We’ve been hosting our own pinball tournaments for some time now and we had the idea of trying to break a pinball world record. When Eden agreed to be part of the record attempt we got in touch with Guinness to begin the process of applying to have our record attempt certified.”

Pinball News wishes Eden the best of luck, and we will be sure to let you know how it goes.


He did it! Not only did Eden break the 28 hour record, he continued playing to set the new record at 36 hours.

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