Story dated March 21, 2006 .

Following our story on The Pinball Factory's plans to re-make the Medieval Madness game, over 600 orders have been received in the first three weeks.

Medieval Madness re-run web page

The company needs to receive 1,000 orders for the project to proceed to production and with 20 days of the 61 before the deadline of 31st April 2006 gone, the number of pre-orders has hit 612.

So far, though, no other distributors have matched the deal offered by Pinball Heaven of a low deposit and this is thought to be holding back a number of potential buyers, especially in the US.

Changes in legislation could impact on the game as well.

As it will be made after 1st July 2006, any games imported into the European Union will be subject to the new Requirements of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations requiring the use of lead-free parts, including solder.

One specific area of concern - and not only for TPF - is the lead used in the dot-matrix display tube. So, for EU-bound games this part may have to be replaced with an LED equivalent.

As usual, Pinball News will keep you updated on the project's progress as that magic number of 1,000 gets ever closer. The RoHS issue is also one we will be returning to, as its impact will be felt by many other companies across the globe in the months ahead.


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