Story updated March 26, 2008

Actually, yes we have.

Pinball News is now available for your own pinball web site or computer desktop with our RSS feed.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and consists of a simple XML file containing our top news stories as seen on our front page.

Using the appropriate code, you can take this file and convert it to HTML code you can include on your web site to display the latest pinball headlines. The code will check occasionally for changes to our XML file and update your site automatically.

Alternatively, you can get RSS readers for your home computer which work like your internet browser or sit on your desktop showing the latest headlines. Windows Vista comes with one called a Gadget that sits on the side of your desktop.

You can even view these headlines in your normal browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

In all these cases, you need to point your software at our RSS feed.

So where is it? You can find it at:


If you want to add it to your own website, the code you should use depends on how it is set up but if you Google for details of RSS News there's lots of information out there.

Some of the people who have used the service have suggested this site:
which provides code you can paste straight into your page or this site which has PERL scripts you can use on your server:

Before you use this service, please adhere to a few usage restrictions:

- The service is given to you without charge and you must make it available to readers of your site in the same way

- The service is offered in good faith and we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions

- You must include the links to our detailed stories with each headline.

- You should include a heading such as "Pinball News headlines" or "Latest from Pinball News". You choose the wording and you can also use one of the logos we have made available to you as well and link them to www.pinballnews.com :

Also available at:
Also available at:

- As a courtesy, please send us an e-mail so we can gauge how useful the service is.

That's all. We hope you find the service useful and we wish you well with your pinball headlines feed.

The Pinball News Team.


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