Story dated 14th May 2002

Former Licensing and Marketing Director at Williams, Roger Sharpe has been working with novelty game manufacturer Bromley Inc. and the result is The Muppets Haunted House Adventure.

Long-time pinball industry veteran Sharpe designed the game for Bromley in conjunction with The Jim Henson Company while the artwork comes from well-known pinball artist Paul Faris.

Although not a pinball game it does have many pinball-style features. The three balls per game are launched onto a playfield with a classic style plunger where the aim is to drop them into sinkholes representing different Muppet characters in order to spell out M-U-P-P-E-T-S for a Super Jackpot Bonus.

Players can use a button on the lockdown bar to activate the Player Controlled Ball Blocker Posts to redirect the path of a ball into higher scoring areas.

Talking to Pinball News, Roger Sharpe said: "What I attempted to do was to modify and update the classic 30s style pingame play action and see if I could interest and entertain today's players with the travels of a silver ball on a playfield."

Is this the start of a series of similar games? Sharpe told us: "So far the response and results on test have been incredibly encouraging and I hope that this is just the
beginning of many more projects that I want to give life to."


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