Story dated November 22, 2003

As if Stern aren't busy enough getting Lord Of The Rings onto the market, they've taken the time to make sure Spanish speakers are catered for.

The latest game from Melrose Park has alternative speech ROMs with Spanish language voices. Previously, only the German market has been given this special treatment in recent times, but now the increase in the use of Spanish in the USA has given the impetus to provide appropriate sound.

According to Stern: "Much of the Spanish speech is taken directly from THE LORD OF THE RINGS movie soundtracks. Pinball play phrases such as “Triple jackpot”, “Gollum has the ring”, and “You've gathered all 7 dwarf rings” were recorded by actors in Spanish specifically for this Stern game. The Spanish speech, therefore, tracks the English version."

“Major American businesses today realize the importance of appealing to Hispanic audiences and consumers,” Gary Stern said, explaining the reasoning behind making Spanish speech available for Stern games. “Advertising is aimed at Hispanic markets. Hispanic TV stations are more and more important. CBS aired in prime time the Latin Music Awards. When you call to check your credit card or utility bill, you are asked if you want English or Spanish. We think including Spanish speech is important to the future appeal and growth of our product.”

So if Spanish is your thing, and you've got a Lord Of The Rings why not head off to the Stern web site and mind your language.



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