Date: 4th January, 2010

Stern Pinball Inc has announced the departure of one of its longest-serving employees.

Director of Domestic Sales, Jolly Backer is leaving with immediate effect to join Yo Naturals, Inc. - an organic food and vending company based in San Diego, California.

Jolly worked at Data East when Data East Pinball was created by Gary Stern and Joe Kaminkov in 1986 and he joined the pinball company when the buyout from Data East led to the creation of Sega Pinball in 1995. 

He has been in charge of the firm's domestic sales since then, seeing the company change names once again from Sega Pinball to Stern Pinball in 1999.

His departure comes at a time of change at Stern Pinball, as new investor Dave Peterson and fellow new board member Daniel P. Wallace - both from private equity investment firm Hagerty Peterson & Company - look for ways to improve marketing, cut costs and increase sales.

Gary Stern was highly appreciative of Jolly's contribution to Stern Pinball.  "Jolly will be greatly missed by everyone in the coin-op amusement industry and especially by all his friends here at Stern.  He has been extremely valuable to Sega and Stern over the past decade and a half.  I realize this is a great opportunity for Jolly.  We wish him and his family all the best on this new venture.  I know Jolly will be instrumental in making Yo Naturals a success.”, he said.

Until a replacement is named, Shelley Sax will handle Stern Pinball's domestic sales.


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