Date: 14th May, 2014

When Planetary Pinball confirmed their intention to remake Medieval Madness with Chicago Gaming Company, it was not made clear where the games would be built.

Stern to build Medieval Madness remakes
Stern to build Medieval Madness remakes

While Chicago Gaming Company had some game manufacturing experience, it wasn't clear they had the capacity to build the 1000 limited edition and an undisclosed number of regular models.

Now Planetary Pinball Supply (PPS) and Chicago Gaming have signed an agreement with Stern Pinball which will see the Melrose Park company use their manufacturing facilities and staff build the Medieval Madness remakes.

Chicago Gaming already supply Stern with cabinets and backboxes through their Churchill Cabinets company and they will oversee production at the Stern facility. The games will be built using Chicago Gaming's electronics system and using WMS-specification parts.

The games will then be send to Chicago Gaming in Cicero, Illinois, where they will receive their finishing touches and be packed ready for shipping.

It's not known how far-reaching this agreement is, and whether Stern Pinball will also manufacture future PPS/Chicago Gaming remakes which are expected to continue with Attack from Mars.

Here's what Stern Pinball had to say about the new agreement:

Planetary Pinball, Chicago Gaming and Stern Pinball
announce Specialty Manufacturing Arrangement

CHICAGO, IL – MAY 14, 2014 – Planetary Pinball Supply (“PPS”), Chicago
Gaming Company (“CGC”) and Stern Pinball, Inc. (“SPI”), today announced a
specialty manufacturing arrangement pursuant to which SPI will make its
manufacturing facility available to PPS and CGC to assemble their remake of the
Medieval Madness (“MMR”) pinball game.

CGC, which has a long-standing business relationship with SPI, will assemble
the game for PPS in SPI’s factory using SPI’s factory labor and production line
assets. The game will be assembled with parts supplied by CGC which consist of
original WMS specification parts combined with the new electronics and lighting
systems designed by CGC. Final prep, packaging and shipment will be from the
CGC facility in Cicero, IL.

“We think this arrangement provides the best solution to insure the timely
delivery of a high quality game for our customers who wish to own this legendary
title” said Rick Bartlett, President of PPS.

“We have a long-standing relationship with SPI and its high capacity
manufacturing operation will allow us to complete the MMR games in a timely
fashion,” added Doug Duba, President of CGC.

“We’re looking forward to helping PPS and CGC exceed the expectations of
Medieval Madness pinball enthusiasts,” said Gary Stern, President of SPI.

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