Date: 29th August, 2012

Stern Pinball Inc and the IFPA have joined forces to introduce a new rewards programme which offers discounts on new Stern pinball machine purchases.

The programme is only open to qualifying players who are either in the top 250 in the IFPA rankings, those who are in the top 3 'Biggest Movers' listing each month, or anyone who is crowned 'Player of the Month' for earning the most WPPR points.

Those who fit into any of those categories can order one Premium model game a year direct from Stern and receive a discount on the regular retail price. Players will also need to fill in their full profile details on the IFPA website, including a picture and e-mail address to qualify.

The discounted price is not being publicly announced, but qualifying buyers can e-mail the IFPA to get details of models currently available and their prices.

Rewards earned in the 2012 calendar year will be valid until August 15th, 2013 and orders will be fulfilled directly by Stern, with shipping costs and taxes added as appropriate. International orders will also be arranged by Stern, though fulfillment is expected to be handled by a national distributor.

The scheme is to start immediately, with retrospective entitlement given for all players who would have qualified since the start of the year. The scheme begins again at the start of each calendar year, when players become eligible to buy another machine at the discounted price.

In practice, fewer than 300 players will be eligible each year, with many of the same players qualifying year-to-year, but it is hoped to expand the rewards programme to include additional discounts and make them available to a wider number of players.


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