Story dated 26th July 2000

Stern Pinball Inc has launched their new web site.

Unusually, they are trailing the forthcoming Sharkey's Shootout pinball game. This marks a change from the previously secretive next game, and can probably be explained by the banner atop the opening page: "We are the world's one and only manufacturer of pinball machines!"

The Sharkey's Shootout page only contains the banner above, but as previously reported, the artwork is by John Youssi and looks significantly different from other Stern/Sega artwork.

The distribution list just shows the distributors around the world, and correctly identifies Electrocoin in the UK.

The tech support and parts section carries service bulletins covering recent games, mainly in Acrobat format. They are large files, and not really suitable for browsing on a 56K connection. It also covers troubleshooting and spares supplies.

The company directory is for the management of the company, while the designers hide behind the generic mechanical/software/ addresses.

There are several articles about pinball in general, and Stern Pinball in particular on the site too.

There is also a comprehensive list of pinball web-sites, so naturally the fabulous Pinball News is featured amongst the "Magazines" section which seems appropriate.

So, a much improved effort compared to Sega's thin offerings, all the old ROM images from Sega's site have been incorporated in Stern's site, so the old Sega site is redundant. In fact, calls to the site now send you to the site instead.



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