Story dated 29th December 2001

In an interesting article published on the Science & Technology News Network website, Pat Lawlor talks about the demise of Pinball 2000, the system he was partly responsible for. He describes the system as "a last gasp attempt by Williams to keep their pinball division alive."

"We were trying to outdo what we’d done, show you some other neat form of entertainment. But at some point you run out of technology and you run out of steam and the ability to do that."

The article goes on to describe how Lawlor developed the Monopoly game.

"You look for very simple things that you can re-introduce that people haven’t seen in decades."

The full article can be viewed here and there's also a (rather slow loading) video on the page which features Lawlor and the Monopoly construction line, but you need the Quicktime or Real viewers to see it.


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