Story dated 13 May, 2003

Is this the first look at Stern's next game - Terminator 3?

According to the excellent Norwegian pinball site SpilleDilla it certainly is. They have printed a distributor letter from Stern which gives details of the game and includes a mock-up image of the game.

The image lacks any playfield imagery and Stern are very guarded about revealing too many details as the makers of the Terminator 3 film obviously don't want to reveal any details of the plot or the scenes which will feature in the game.

The key points in the letter are that the game will have a animated backbox feature depicting a rocket-propelled grenade and metal ramps rather than plastic one.

As we already knew, the game is designed by Steve Ritchie who designed the Terminator 2 game and it will feature his usual long looping shots with plenty of flow.

You can read SpilleDilla's full article here.


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