Date: 13th July 2016

Teufel Systems is a well-respected audio company based in Berlin, Germany. The have been making loudspeakers since 1979 and sell their products across Europe, but recently faced a new challenge thanks to the arrival of a pinball machine.

The firm added a Stern Kiss pinball from Pinball Universe to their break room for their employees to enjoy over lunch, but were soon looking at ways to improve the quality of the sound coming out of the machine.

While the sound quality of pinballs has improved in leaps and bounds over the past decade thanks to the low price of memory needed to store high-quality samples and the ubiquity of hi-fi multichannel audio on PC motherboards, a pinball backbox or cabinet is far from ideal when it comes to speaker enclosure design.

Teufel know about these things, and concluded the best way to improve the sound was to take the amplification and speakers out of the game entirely.

The Teufel team test various speaker options
The Teufel team test various speaker options

They tried four combinations of tweeters, mid-range speakers, subwoofers and headphones to find the best solution for a range of environments. Perhaps not surprisingly they all sounded great and were a vast improvement on the game's built-in sound system.

Even just headphones can be a great improvement
Even just headphones can be a great improvement

You can read their suggestions for each set-up on the Teufel blog page, but even if you don't get their high-end systems there's plenty of food-for-thought if you want a beefier sound pumping out from your pinball games.

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