Story dated 3rd April 2002.

It's what every good player must dream of - the chance to win money for playing pinball.

Not just at your regular pinball show but here in the UK, Stern's distributor Electrocoin are planning single site competitions. This will be possible when the Tournament Versions of the Playboy game arrive along with some retro-fit kits around June. The plan is to use money from the cashbox to fund the tournaments which won't be linked but restricted to the location where the game is sited.

It's not clear what the legal implications of a public competiton on a skill game are but in due course it is expected that pinball machines will be removed from the classification of "gaming machine" as part of the Government's ongoing gambling review.

This won't happen in time for these tournaments, though so it will be interesting to see how they are run. We'll report back on them as soon as they appear.

You might think that June is a bit late to still be making Playboy games. Production started in February and would normally expect to last 4 months before the next game hits the line. That takes it to the start of June.

Things will be delayed in May when Austin Powers returns to the line for an extra run to coincide with the summer release of the 3rd Austin Powers movie (as yet unnamed).

We revealed back in October that a re-run of Austin Powers was likely after we spotted all those Dr Evil models inside Stern's factory.


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