Story dated 23rd December, 2002.

As you're sitting around the Christmas dinner table playing silly games, don't choke on your turkey and stuffing if you suddenly find yourself staring at the names Williams, Bally, Stern and Gottlieb on your game card.


Yes, pinball makes it to Trivial Pursuit - Genus 5 version. The answer to the question is obvious to anyone who reads Pinball News.


Isn't it?


No? Oh, well here it is then:

Yes it's Captain Underpants, err... what? No, hang on, I mean Stern.

Never short of a quote, Gary Stern comments, "Pinball is a popular icon - an American Icon - chosen by Hasbro for their Trivial Pursuit® game. It's a popular icon recognized like Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Bob Dylan, George W. Bush, and a host of others in Trivial Pursuit®. And like Trivial Pursuit®, pinball is 'FUN!'

Bill Clinton, eh? Perhaps Captain Underpants was right all along.


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