Story dated 10th May 2002.

A proposal by the European Commission could see a doubling of the price of new pinball games within Europe - effectively killing off all new sales.

This proposal suggests applying a 100% tariff on imports of new pinball games as retailiation for the US tariff on imported steel products from the EU.

Pinball games are one of many products made in the US and imported into the European Union which are seen as prime targets for retaliatory action and the changes could take effect just five days after a ruling by the World Trade Organisation's Dispute Settlement Body that the US action is in breach of WTO agreements. If this ruling is not forthcoming, the new tariffs would come into effect in 2005.

This is the relevent section of the document and as you can see the proposed tariff to be applied is 100% on top of the imported price.

Such a move would cause serious problems for Stern Pinball who export a quarter to a third of their games to the European Union area and comes on top of the previously reported total removal of all games in Greece.

Frantic lobbying is expected to try to modify these proposals which would have a major impact not only on pinball and the products shown above but also on such diverse goods as pens, chairs, guns and t-shirts, all of which would attract the 100% levy should the plans be passed by ministers.


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