Story dated 14th January, 2003.

Imagine a pinball game which can be changed to a different game with a simple software upload.

OK, obviously we're not talking about a real "mechanical action" game here, but neither is it a simple PC simulation either.

Enter the virtual pinball:

Produced by Austrian company TAB the game consists of a 42" plasma screen set into a pinball style cabinet complete with two sets of flipper buttons and a plunger.

The plasma screen shows a pinball simulation running on a PC based system.

That's a very important part of the package because if you remember the Visual Pinball and VpinMAME combination, you can run real emulations of past games on a PC platform.

Details remain sketchy at the moment as to how TAB's system operates, but imagine having all these VpinMAME games at you fingertips to play on this 42" screen.

With a cash box and tournament capabilities this is clearly designed to earn its keep on location so is this the future of pinball?

You can't beat the real thing, obviously, but if you can't persuade a location owner to take a mechanical game, this has to be a good possibility.

Plus it would make a killer home game too, even if the plasma screen can't be cheap.


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