Date: 14th October 2007.

Pinball has a new World Champion following the PAPA 10 event held from October 11th - 14th 2007 in Pittsburgh.

New World Campion Jorian Engelbrektsson

Jorian Engelbrektsson from Sweden took the title by winning the prestigious A Division - for the most skilled players - in an exciting final. As the culmination of the PAPA event, the final was played out in front of an expectant crowd on Doctor Who, Twilight Zone and The Simpsons Pinball Party with four competitors challenging for the title.

Spectators and competitors watch the final of the A Division

Bowen Kerins, John Kosmal, Dave Stewart and Jorian Engelbrektsson were the four finalists and after the first of three rounds it was Jorian who had the upper hand. His fourth player score on Doctor Who of 1,391,833,090 was enough to beat Bowen's score of 1,359,177,510. John was third and Dave fourth.

In the second game of three played on Twilight Zone, Jorian again played fourth and his second ball score of 181,661,330 could not be beaten by the other three players, giving him a second win, this time without having to play his third ball.

Jorian playing on Twilight Zone

That second win, and the places of the other players, combined to make his overall vistory assured. After congratulations had been given, the final concluded with the last game on The Simpsons Pinball Party. Once again Jorian took top spot, followed by John, Dave and Bowen - a result which mirrored the overall placings.

Jorian won a trophy and a $12,000 cash prize, while the other finalists also received cash prizes and plaques.

Bowen Kerins, John Kosmal, Jorian Engelbrektsson and Dave Stewart
examine the winner's trophy

Jorian takes over the title from Lyman Sheats who won it at last year's PAPA tournament.

Previous holder Lyman Sheats congratulates the new champion

We will have full results from all the different divisions and tournaments coming up shortly in our PAPA10 coverage here at Pinball News.

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