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Here are the latest reports we have for you, and just below them you can filter all our reviews by country.

NEW: Retrovolt (Calimesa, USA)

NEW: Flip Flip, Ding Ding (Seattle, USA)

NEW: Silverball Planet (Update - Osaka, Japan)

NEW: Main Street Amusements (Update - Lafayette, USA)

NEW: The Highlander (Atlanta, USA)

NEW: Manuel's Tavern (Atlanta, USA)

NEW: Pinballz (Lake Creek, USA)

NEW: Mega Play (Mishawaka, USA)

NEW: Replay Beer & Bourbon (Chicago, USA)

NEW: Kaua'i Island Brewing Company (Eleele, USA)

NEW: Japan Gaming Museum (Update - Inuyama City, Japan)

NEW: Kalamazoo Round-Up (Kalamazoo, USA)

NEW: Tivoli Bowl (Downers Grove, USA)

NEW: Silverball Museum (Delray Beach, USA)

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BrewDog Shepherd's Bush (London, UK)

The Four Quarters (London, UK)

Tilt (Birmingham, UK)

Beer & Buns (London, UK)

St Ives (Cornwall, UK, updated)

The Pipeline (London, UK, updated)

Brean Leisure Park (Somerset, UK)

Bowlplex (Camberley, Surrey, UK)

Pinball Parlour (Ramsgate, England, UK)

Bournemouth Pier(Dorset, England, UK)

Sandown (Isle of Wight, UK)

Hayling Island updated (Hampshire, UK)

North-West Wales area (Wales, UK)

The Smiths Arms (Kempston, UK)

Play 2 Win (London, UK, updated)

Southsea - South Parade Pier (Hampshire, UK, updated)

Brighton (Sussex, UK, updated)

Bournemouth (Dorset, UK)

Southsea (Updated, Hampshire, UK)

Great Yarmouth (Norfolk, UK)

Play 2 Win (London, UK)

Namco Station (Waterloo, London, UK)

Royal Oak (Teddington, UK)

Cabbage Patch (Twickenham, UK)

Grand Casino arcade (Penzance, UK)

Vegas Gold arcade (formerly Play 2 Win) (London W1 - Updated)

Casino Arcade (London W1 - Updated)

The Galleria (Hatfield, UK)

Hunstanton (North Norfolk)

Brighton (Sussex - Update)

Casino Arcade (London W1 - Update)

Virgin Megastore (London W1 - Update)

Play 2 Win Arcade (London W1 - Back again)

Trocadero (London - Update)

Chiswick (London - Update)

London Bridge (London)

Chiswick (London - Update)

The Hole In The Wall (London)

Prince Alfred (London)

William Wallace (London)

Chiswick (London)

Portsmouth (Hampshire)

Brighton (Sussex)

Trocadero (London W1)

Southend (Essex)

Southsea - South Parade Pier (Hampshire)

Southport (Lancashire)

Southsea - Clarence Pier (Hampshire)

The Old Mill (Birmingham)

Hayling Island (Hampshire)

Casino Arcade (London W1)



Retrovolt (Calimesa, USA)

Flip Flip, Ding Ding (Seattle, USA)

Main Street Amusements (Update - Lafayette, USA)

The Highlander (Atlanta, USA)

Manuel's Tavern (Atlanta, USA)

Mega Play (Mishawaka, USA)

Replay Beer & Bourbon (Chicago, USA)

Kaua'i Island Brewing Company (Eleele, USA)

Kalamazoo Round-Up (Kalamazoo, USA)

Tivoli Bowl (Downers Grove, USA)

Silverball Museum (Delray Beach, USA)

Five & Dime (Evanston, USA)

Moonwalker Arcade (Vestal, USA)

Meta-Games Unlimited (Springfield, USA)

Brauer House (Lombard, USA)

Round 1 (Moreno Valley, USA)

Sneakers (Jacksonville, USA)

Pinball Lounge (Orlando, USA)

Pinballz Kingdom (Buda, USA)

Chicago Overview 2015 (Chicago, USA)

Chicago Street Pinball Arcade (Joliet, USA)

Roanoke Pinball Museum (Roanoke, USA)

Arcade Amusements (Manitou Springs, USA)

Casa de Carlos (Los Angeles, USA)

Level 257 (Schaumburg, USA)

Flippers Variety & Arcade (Grandy, USA)

Cactus Jack's (Oklahoma City, USA)

Replay Amusement Museum (Tarpon Springs, USA)

Chicago Overview 2014 (Chicago, USA)

Add-A-Ball (Seattle, USA)

Robot City Games (New York, USA)

DisneyQuest (Orlando, USA)

Oasis Tiki Bar (Orlando, USA)

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Farmington Hills, USA)

Rosen Inn (Orlando, USA)

Skylark (New York, USA)

The Fifth Estate (New York, USA)

Commonwealth (New York, USA)

Two-Bit's Retro Arcade (New York, USA)

Amsterdam Billiards (New York, USA)

Logan Arcade (Chicago, USA)

Brixies Update (Brookfield, IL, USA)

Enchanted Castle Update (Lombard, IL, USA)

Reciprocal Skateboards (New York, USA)

Chicago Overview (Chicago, USA)

Gameworks (Shaumburg, Chicago, USA))

Galloping Ghosts (Chicago, USA)

Lemming's (Chicago, USA)

Emporium Arcade Bar (Chicago, USA)

Logan Hardware (Chicago, USA)

Headquarters Beercade (Chicago, USA)

Brixies (Brookfield, IL, USA)

Enchanted Castle (Lombard, IL, USA)

Garden City Beach (South Carolina, USA - Updated)

Seattle Pinball Museum (Seattle, USA)

Main Street Amusements (Lafayette, USA)

Zanzabar (Louisville, USA)

Pinball Hall of Fame (Las Vegas, USA - Newer report)

Union Square Sports Bar (San Francisco, USA)

Musée Méchanique (San Francisco, USA)

Elbo Room (San Francisco, USA)

Metreon Mall (San Francisco, USA)

Lori's Diner (San Francisco, USA)

Kok Bar (San Francisco, USA)

Arcade Odyssey (Miami, USA)

BrainWash Cafe & Laundromat (San Francisco, USA)

Santa Monica (Los Angeles, USA)

Pinball Wizard Arcade (New Hampshire, USA)

Pinballz Arcade (Texas, USA)

Silverball Arcade Museum (revisited) (New Jersey, USA)

CP Pinball (Illinois, USA)

Northwest Indiana (Indiana, USA)

Colorado (Colorado, USA)

Pinball Hall of Fame - new location (Nevada, USA)

South Lake Tahoe (Nevada, USA)

Heart & Dagger (California, USA)

Merchants (California, USA)

Pacific Pinball Museum (California, USA)

Rock Around The Clock (California, USA)

Scandia (California, USA)

Silverball Museum (New Jersey, USA)

National Pinball Museum (Maryland, USA)

Playland-Not-at-at-Beach (California, USA)

Pacific Pinball Museum/Lucky Juju (California, USA)

Las Vegas including the Pinball Hall Of Fame (Nevada, USA)

Brixies (Brookfield, IL, USA)

Arcade Amusements (Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA)

Bene Pizza & Pasta (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

Musée Méchanique (San Francisco, California, USA)

Klassic Arcade (Michigan, USA)

Garden City Beach (South Carolina, USA)

Salisbury Beach (Massachusetts, USA)

Lyons Classic Pinball (Lyons, Colorado, USA)

SS Billiards (Hopkins, Minnesota, USA) Updated

Pinball Hall Of Fame (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Rocky's Replay (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Games N' At (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Great Valley Lanes (North Versailles, Pennsylvania, USA)

Weirs Beach (New Hampsire, USA)

Salem Willows (Massachussets, USA)

Hilander (Kelso, USA)

Shortys (Seattle, USA)

Castles & Coasters (Phoenix, USA)

Orlando Airport (Florida, USA)

Santa Monica (Los Angeles, USA)

Santa Cruz (Nr San Francisco, USA)



P.J. O'Brien's (Cairns, Australia)

Leisure Island (Cairns, Australia)

Timezone (Brisbane, Australia)

Funhouse (Brisbane, Australia)

New Farm Six Cinemas (Brisbane, Australia)

Timezone (Gold Coast, Australia)

Strike Bowling (Gold Coast, Australia)

Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Australia)

Courthouse Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

Town Hall Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

Warren View Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

Queen Victoria Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

City Heroes (Sydney, Australia)

Pinball H.Q. (Sydney, Australia)

The Menzies (Sydney, Australia)

Frankie's Pizza (Sydney, Australia)

Brisbane & Adelaide (Australia)



Eitle Spielhalle (Austria) - NOW CLOSED



Pub 340 (Vancouver, Canada)

Library Square (Vancouver, Canada)

The Cambie (Vancouver, Canada)

Cinema Public House (Vancouver, Canada)

Movieland Arcade (Vancouver, Canada)

London Pub (Vancouver, Canada)



Neo Cocktail Club (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)

EL Pinball (Macau, China)

American Pool update (Hong Kong, China)

Tazmania Ballroom (Hong Kong, China)

Underground Amusement Center (Macau Fishermans Wharf, Macau)

Saffron Bakery Cafe Update (Stanley, Hong Kong)

Saffron Bakery Cafe (Stanley, Hong Kong)

American Pool (Hung Hom, Hong Kong - Updated)

Aberdeen Marina Club (Aberdeen, Hong Kong)

AfriKana Bar (Macau Fishermans Wharf, Macau)



Paris Pinball Museum (Paris, France)



Flex (Munich, Germany)



Dublin (Ireland)



Silverball Planet (Update - Osaka, Japan)

Japan Gaming Museum (Update - Inuyama City, Japan)

Silver Ball Planet (Update - Osaka, Japan)

Korona World (Komaki, Japan)

Uuennichi at Apita Iwakura ( Nagoya , Japan)

Silver Ball Planet (Update - Osaka, Japan)

K's Pit Restaurant (Update - Handa, Japan)

SuperVivaHome (Hamamatsu, Japan)

Saloon (Gunma-ken, Japan)

Deep (Hamamatsu, Japan)

Neverland (Update - Tokyo, Japan)

Zinc (Updated - Tokyo, Japan)

Mikado (Update - Tokyo, Japan)

Zools (Update - Tokyo, Japan)

Silver Ball Planet (Update - Osaka, Japan)

Garret Bar (Tokyo, Japan)

Powers2 (Tokyo, Japan)

Mikado update (Tokyo, Japan)

Neverland update (Tokyo, Japan)

Odaiba update (Tokyo, Japan)

Taito Inn update (Tokyo, Japan)

Silver Ball Planet (Update - Osaka, Japan)

Zinc Beer Café (Tokyo, Japan)

Neverland Update (Tokyo, Japan)

Japan Game Museum (Inuyama City, Japan - New report)

Silver Ball Planet Pinball Arcade (Osaka, Japan)

Shibamata High Collar Alley (Tokyo, Japan)

Odaiba Update (Tokyo, Japan)

Mikado (Tokyo, Japan)

Taito Inn (Tokyo, Japan)

Toy Sapiens (Tokyo, Japan)

Ebara (Tokyo, Japan)

Neverland (Tokyo, Japan)

Zools (Tokyo, Japan)

Banana Punch (Tokyo, Japan)

Playground 20 (Tokyo, Japan)

Sad Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)

American Graffiti (Yokohama, Japan)

Chips Restaurant (Shinagawa, Japan)

Mono Mania Shopping Centre (Asahi, Japan)

Bar Bachelor House (Nagoya, Japan)

Sport Bowling (Nagoya, Japan)

Japan Game Museum (Inuyama City, Japan - New report)

Club Sega (Nagoya, Fushimi, Japan)

Japan Game Museum (Inuyama City, Japan)

La*Vamo Sasashima (Nagoya, Japan)

Odaiba Itchome Shopping Street (Odaiba, Japan)



Pinball Magic (Nr Amsterdam, Netherlands)



Christchurch (New Zealand)



Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa (Cebu City, Philippines)



Salon Gier (Radom City)



Stockholm (Sweden)



Zurich area pinball clubs (Zurich area)

Hurricane Flipper Club (Zurich)



Hero City (Bangkok, Thailand)

MBK (Bangkok, Thailand)