Date: 23rd October, 2021

American Pinball today announced their fourth game as Legends of Valhalla, designed by Riot Pinball.

Left side of Legends of Valhalla
Left side of Legends of Valhalla

Legends of Valhalla is a design by Scott Gullicks which was developed by him and Frank Gigliotti at Riot Pinball. American Pinball worked with Riot Pinball to take what was essentially a homebrew design, convert the mechanic components such that they could be manufactured at scale, further developed the software, sounds and music, and release it as an American Pinball title.

Anyone who has played the game at any pinball shows will immediately recognise the design, but there had been much more development taking place at American Pinball to create the version revealed today.

Legends of Valhalla is themed on the Norse gods and other Viking mythology.

The Legends of Valhalla playfield
The Legends of Valhalla playfield

The game features three flippers and three stainless-steel ramps, an illuminated Viking ship ball lock and an under-playfield magnet to disrupt the ball’s movement.

The game's three ramps
The game’s three ramps
The Viking ship ball lock
The Viking ship ball lock

The code appears quite deep with plenty of modes and numerous different multiballs:

  • 16 Legend Battle modes (5 are multiball)
  • 6 other modes (3 are multiball)
  • Valhalla Wizard Mode
  • Ragnarok Super Wizard Mode
Playfield detail
Playfield detail
Playfield detail
Playfield detail
The central playfield area
The central playfield area
Some of the progress inserts
Some of the progress inserts

The standard-bodied game will be available in two editions – Classic and Deluxe, with the Deluxe limited to 300 units. In addition to all the Classic game features, the Deluxe adds a mirrored backglass, a topper, upgraded powder coated side rails, backbox hinges, lockdown bar and legs, a shaker motor, sculpted and hand-painted figures and American Pinball’s anti-glare ‘Magic’ playfield glass.

One of the sculpted models from the Deluxe version of the game
One of the sculpted models from the Deluxe version of the game

The game includes more than 100 RGB LEDs with twelve flashers and two spotlights. Sound-wise, there are over 500 voice calls and 23 licensed music tracks from Two Steps From Hell.

Here’s the full feature list for the Deluxe model:

  • 3 Flippers
  • 6 Balls
  • 3 Metal Ramps with Wireform returns
  • Special Gold-Foil Apron *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Sculpted and hand-painted Odin figure *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Special hand-painted shields on ship *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Interactive Thor’s Hammer 
  • 1 Hidden Kraken Magnet
  • 1 Thor’s Hammer Magnet above top lanes
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Berzerker Controllable Drop Target
  • 7 Stand-Up Targets
  • Flippers lit with Apron Lighting
  • Over 100 RGB lights
  • 2 Spotlights 
  • 12 Flashers 
  • Sculpted and hand-painted Skull Pile
  • 500 Professional Callouts
  • Epic Soundtrack featuring 23 licensed music tracks from Two Steps from Hell
Playfield detail
Playfield detail

The 300 Deluxe editions will be built first with American Pinball expecting them to be released over the next six months. The recommended price is $8,395 for the Deluxe model. The price of the Classic model hasn’t been revealed yet.

The Legends of Valhalla playfield
The Legends of Valhalla playfield

American Pinball have previously told the Pinball News & Pinball Magazine podcast how they wanted to have machines on location ready to play at the time of the new game’s announcement. Sure enough, from today Legends of Valhalla will be available to play at the following five US locations:

  • Enterrium, 2 Woodfield Mall Unit A, Schaumburg, IL 60173
  • Pinball Gallery, 81 Lancaster Ave, Malvern, PA 19355
  • Bang Back Pinball Lounge, 741 Saluda Ave, Columbia, SC 29205
  • Pocketeer Billiards, 2444 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14224
  • Jackbar, 143 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

From Monday another six locations will be added to the list:

  • TILT Pinball Bar, 113 E 26th St #110, Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • Colorado Pinball Pub, 6209 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120
  • Ayce Gogi Van Nuys, 7128 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405
  • Ayce Gogi West Hills, 6705 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91307
  • Next Level Pinball Shop & Museum, 1458 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124
  • CoinTaker, 1437 PA-61, Sunbury, PA 17801

Dead Flip’s Jack Danger will be demonstrating the game on his Twitch stream on the evening of Tuesday, October 26. He will be joined by Michael Grant and Josh Kugler of American Pinball, plus a special mystery guest.

Legends of Valhalla will also be available at the upcoming Pinball Expo show, but before that American Pinball will be holding an open house at their factory in Palatine on Wednesday, October 27 from 10am until 4pm.

The front of the game's flier
The front of the game’s flier
The back of the game's flier
The back of the game’s flier

Finally, here’s how American Pinball announced their new release:

CHICAGO, October 23, 2021 — American Pinball Inc. (API) adds their fourth game, Legends of Valhalla to their growing lineup of pinball machines for arcades, homes, and collectors.

American Pinball, Inc., makers of collector-quality pinball machines for the arcade and home markets including Houdini – Master of Mystery, Oktoberfest – Pinball on Tap, and Hot Wheels, is proud to manufacture Legends of Valhalla designed by Riot Pinball, LLC.


Challenge 16 unique battle modes where you can test your might against Viking Legends on your quest to Ragnarok, “The End of the World.”

Overcome the Kraken who will grab the ball via a hidden magnet beneath the playfield and throw it in unpredictable directions.

Prepare for War by building your army, and board your Viking ship to begin Multiball play.

Demonstrate proper Viking values to prove that you are worthy of Valhalla.

Prove that you are skilled enough to call upon the power of the Valkyries. They can assist you in your quest to defeat your enemies who stand in the way of reaching Valhalla.

Utilize the might of Thor’s Hammer by activating it via the third flipper button. The power of Thor comes crashing down like a lightning strike, by capturing the ball via a magnet over the top lanes, giving you more control and leading to higher scores.


Legends of Valhalla is available in Classic and Deluxe Editions.

The Classic Edition includes black powder-coated rails, legs, backbox hinges, lockdown bar, over 100 RGB lights, interactive Thor’s Hammer, hundreds of callouts, 22 total game modes including various Multiball modes.

The Deluxe Edition is limited to 300 units and includes enhanced features such as a mirrored backglass, topper, upgraded powder coated side rails, backbox hinges, lockdown bar and legs, shaker motor, sculpted and hand-painted figures, and anti-glare “Magic” Playfield Glass.
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