Date: 6th March, 2023

The latest Multimorphic P3 game, previously referred to as Project Carbon, has been revealed with the launch of Final Resistance.

Multimorphic's new Final Resistance game
Multimorphic’s new Final Resistance game

Themed around a team of humans battling to save the planet from an alien onslaught, Final Resistance is the brainchild of Creative Director, Scott Danesi and the team at Multimorphic. Scott composed and created the music and sounds, Bowen Kerins created the ruleset, T.J. Weaver was the mechanical engineer, Rory Cernuda designed the video graphics and animation package, Jonathan Bergeron was the artwork designer while Michael Ocean was in charge of the software.

The main backbox monitor image
The main backbox monitor image

The kit includes a dedicated playfield module and the game’s software. Cabinet, backbox, bottom arch and speaker panel decals are available as optional extras for the full Final Resistance branded look.

The Final Resistance package
The Final Resistance package

This is the sixth playfield module from Multimorphic, following on from Lexy Lightspeed: Escape From Earth, Cannon Lagoon, Cosmic Cart Racing, Heist! and Weird Al’s Museum Of Natural Hilarity. There is also the Drained! kit available from For Amusement Only Games.

There are some classic Scott Danesi design features, including a drop target ball lock and the use of physical and virtual seven-segment displays for scores in the backbox and counters on the playfield.

The backbox uses virtual seven-segment displays for scores
The backbox uses virtual seven-segment displays for scores

While the physical playfield changes take place beyond the row of walls and scoops, the digital playfield artwork gives the whole game a unique look and feel while extending some of the design cues from Scott’s earlier Total Nuclear Annihilation game.

The Final Resistance playfield
The Final Resistance playfield

There are eight main shots on the playfield module, with ramps, orbits, a scoop, two ball locks, a drop target, an upkicker and a spinner, along with the regular walls, scoops and targets in the central playfield area.

There is a physical LED display as part of the playfield module
There is a physical LED display as part of the playfield module

The biggest mechanism on the playfield module is the alien attack ship which acts as a ball lock for Ship Attack Multiball.

There is a raiseable bumper bar below the ship which registers hits and then retracts to reveal two lanes behind.

The bumper bar raises to reveal two shots behind
The bumper bar below the attack ship raises to reveal two more shots

Locked balls drop down to stack at the font of the ship, with a kicker solenoid behind the bottom ball to fire it, and the other locked balls, back into play once multiball begins.

Balls are locked at the front of the ship
Balls are stacked at the front of the ship over the upkicker return wireform
Balls are fired out of the attack ship at the start of Ship Attack Multiball
Balls are fired out of the attack ship at the start of Ship Attack Multiball

The lighting effects on the walls and scoops give them an almost ethereal appearance which helps them blend into the overall playfield lighting and artwork package.

The illuminated walls and scoops
The illuminated walls and scoops

Although the base P3 unit features four flippers – two standard ones and another two just below the walls and scoops – game designers can utilise any combination of them as they wish. Final Resistance is designed as a two-flippered game, using only the two lower flippers.

Although the P3 includes two upper flippers, they are not used in Final Resistance
Although the P3 includes two upper flippers, they are not used in Final Resistance

Final Resistance will be available to purchase from 9am Central Time on 9th March, 2023 from the Multimorphic website shop and from distributors.

The game kit costs $3,400 while a P3 base unit with Final Resistance installed will be $11,700.

Multimorphic have released a promotional video for Final Resistance, showing the artwork, playfield, lighting, shots and the playfield module features seen above. You can watch it here:

The game is expected to make its first public appearance on the Multimorphic stand at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival on the 24th-26th March. Pinball News will be there to play it.

Meanwhile, Gerry Stellenberg and the design team will be holding a seminar about Final Resistance on Saturday 25th at 3pm, and you’ll be able to read all about it in our Texas Pinball Festival show report.

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