Date: 8th December, 2023

Pedretti Gaming have extended the scope of their agreement with Planetary Pinball Supply from making ‘2.0’ upgrade kits for Bally and Williams titles to remaking entire games.

Until now, Planetary Pinball had only licensed Chicago Gaming and Haggis Pinball to remake complete Williams and Bally pinballs. Under those agreements Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon, Fathom and Centaur have been remade.

Planetary Pinball say those agreements have not been changed by the addition of Pedretti Gaming to the list of remake licensees.

Pedretti Gaming have already produced licensed 2.0 upgrade kits for two Williams titles under their existing agreement with Planetary Pinball Supply.

Funhouse: Rudy's Nightmare by Pedretti Gaming
Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare by Pedretti Gaming
Whirlwind: Total Chaos by Pedretti Gaming
Whirlwind: Total Chaos by Pedretti Gaming

Pedretti Gaming will use the joint venture manufacturer they established one year ago with Pinball Brothers, Euro Pinball Corp., to manufacturer the new remakes in Italy for worldwide export.

Euro Pinball Corp. are currently making Alien and Queen games for Pinball Brothers. Their agreement with Pinball Brothers is also not impacted by the new remakes deal with Planetary Pinball.

Pedretti say they have been working on the first remake title throughout 2023 and expect to bring it to market in 2024, with several more in development. As with the agreements to manufacture the 2.0 kits, the full remakes from Pedretti will be required to use the FAST Pinball control system. Haggis adopted the FAST Pinball system for their Fathom and Cantaur remakes, although so far Chicago Gaming have been using their own proprietary system.

It is understood there has been frustration at the time taken by existing Planetary Pinball licensees to manufacture their remake games. Pedretti say they plan to release a new remake title every twelve months under their new multi-year agreement.

Games exported from Italy to the US will be distributed by Planetary Pinball, with the company also becoming a new reseller of Pinball Brothers machines and parts. Meanwhile, Pedretti will greatly extend their range of pinball parts for sale by adding a full range of licensed Williams and Bally remanufactured parts.

Here’s how Pedretti Gaming made the announcement of their new agreement.

Pedretti Gaming (Pedretti) and @Planetary Pinball Supply Inc. (PPS) announce the next level of their relationship:

1) New Remake Stream of Games, both mainstream titles and boutique (multi-year, multi-game)

2) PPS and Pedretti to tightly collaborate on game development to accelerate Time to Market and provide the highest quality product.

3) More parts and assemblies to be available and better access to PPS parts in Europe

New Remake Games coming:

• Pedretti to partner with PPS to develop a series of evolved remake games over a multi-year period

• Goal of announcing 1 remake every 12 months

• Initial Game has been in development thru 2023 for announcement and release in 2024

• Several more games are in progress now

High Level of Collaboration:

• PPS to function as parts sourcing and game development partner to Pedretti to help accelerate and ensure the quality of the parts and assemblies

• Pedretti will have access to Blueprints, Artwork, and PPS owned WMS tooling required for the games it will be remaking

• PPS will utilize its large inventory of in-stock WMS/BLY parts as well as supplier network to work on pre-production game development with Pedretti

• Games will use Genuine WMS/BLY parts and mechanisms as well as a focus on imperial (standard) fasteners and dimensions

• Pedretti will be the overall responsible party for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the remake games

• Pedretti will drive game design, code, artwork, and overall game production

• Pedretti will also cross source parts with PPS which will ensure multiple and best options for parts based on WMS IP

• FAST Pinball will be the remake game platform for control system PCBs, game emulation, lighting & game feature extensions, and engineering & software support.

• Euro Pinball Corp (EPC) will be the production partner and facility, based in Italy

More Options for Parts and Game Sales:

• PPS will be a reseller of Euro Pinball Corp (EPC) including Pinball Brothers games and Parts in the US

• Pedretti will open an online parts and accessories store and will stock PPS Genuine WMS/BLY Parts.

• PPS’s working relationships with Chicago Gaming and Haggis Pinball (as well as others that are not public) has NOT changed. This agreement with Pedretti expands the titles that we can introduce into the market as well as improves time to market with PPS pre-producing parts and assemblies for upcoming titles.

About Planetary Pinball Supply Inc.

Planetary Pinball Supply (PPS) is the exclusive Licensee for WMS/BLY games, parts, and merchandise. We manufacture, sell, and distribute Genuine WMS/BLY parts and merchandise as well as supply OEMs with quality parts. In addition, we work with many pinball companies under our license to create evolved pinball game remakes and game extension kits of classic pinball machines. PPS was started in 2010 and is headquartered in Sparks/Reno, Nevada and you can find us at

About Pedretti Gaming

Pedretti is manufacturing company in Northern Italy which started producing and selling arcade games & Jukeboxes in 1976. For last 10 years we have worked with the most important pinball companies to develop our own parts as well as more recently developed and produced Remake Game Kits. We also manage the assembly of pinball machines thru Euro Pinball Corp. We are at
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