Date: 25th June, 2016
Location: Korona World, 446-0022 Katayama mom Komaki, Aichi Prefecture 181 , Japan

After leaving the Iwakura shopping centre, we proceeded to our second pinball location – Korona World Komaki. It only took around 8 minutes by car.

Korona World
Korona World

Korona World is a big amusement centre in Komaki. Through a collaboration with the Japan Game Museum, the centre has set up a dedicated area for retro games since early this year.  It is a so-called “mini-JGM”.

There are six pinballs and some vintage video games

  • Gemini (1978Gottlieb)
  • Surfing (1972, Sega Japan)
  • Carnival (1971, Sega Japan)
  • Playboy (1978 ,Bally)
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle (1993, Data East)
  • The Addams Family (1992, Bally)
The six pinballs
The six pinballs
Cocktail video games
Cocktail video games

It was very exciting and amazing for me to see the Gemini game. According to the, only 300 units were produced in 1978.  I believe, it is one of the few still functional in the world.

Gottlieb's Gemini
Gottlieb’s Gemini

Again, I could get high score and 3 replay credits on my first play of this game.  (^o^)/

High score!
High score!

I believe the Rocky & Bullwinkle game might have been acquired from the Mono Mania Shopping Centre, so this is my second time seeing it within four years.

Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends

Another amazing game is the Sea Raider (1969).  As I understand it, the game was totally not functional when it was first delivered to the JGM.  It eventually became functional after JGM spent a lot of hard work and passion on it.

Sea Raider
Sea Raider

Here’s some additional information about Korona World Komaki:

  • Address:  〒446-0022 Katayama mom Komaki, Aichi Prefecture 181  (〒446-0022  愛知県小牧市間々片山181)
  • Transportation: 15 minutes by bus from Iwakura train station.
  • Business hours: 10am-midnight (weekdays) and 9am-midnight (Sat/Sun)
  • Comments: the condition of all the pinballs was excellent.

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