Date: 7th December, 2020

American Pinball has announced the appointment of David Fix as their new Director of Operations and Marketing.

David is well-known in pinball circles (where he is also known as Doc Pinball) for his work over many years with Rob Berk running the seminars schedule, playing a pivotal role in the re-launch of Pinball Expo in 2018 and co-hosting the virtual Pinball Expo with Rob Berk in October this year.

David Fix, American Pinball's new Director of Operations and Marketing
David Fix, American Pinball’s new Director of Operations and Marketing

Beyond that, David worked for many years at family entertainment centres company Dave & Busters and then at arcade game manufacturer Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE). In addition, he co-manages the coin-op games at Pocketeer Billiards in Buffalo, NY where they offer more than 80 pinballs amongst their machine mix. David is also an avid collector of pinballs as well as an expert at repair and restoration of games.

To find out more about his new role at American Pinball, Pinball News went to the man himself and began by asking him how he came to be offered the position.

David told us, “I have been friends with people in the industry and have helped American Pinball back when they were just starting out. Due to Covid, I heard some key personnel were leaving American, and when contacting them about Expo we discussed their situation and they expressed interest in using my talents with a position with them.

The Director of Operations and Marketing role is a new one at American Pinball, one that spans two areas while working alongside Michael Grant who is the Sales and Marketing Manager.

Pinball News asked David about the responsibilities and scope of his new post. He said, “These are two different roles that overlap. Playing on my marketing in the collector community and understanding how manufacturing decisions and direction impact marketing and can support it. Michael will still have a hand in marketing but focusing on sales. This will be a team effort, which is needed for any company to succeed.

Given the timing of his appointment, his immediate priorities on starting in the job are, he said, to “review current market status and work on sales for the holiday rush.” Beyond that, he says he wants to, “deliver the same great product to all our customers with improved communication and options.

David will continue with his role co-running Pinball Expo as it moves to its new home in Schaumburg in October 2021 and is keen to stress that his employment at American Pinball won’t impact on the way that show operates.

David Fix taking part in the Pinball Expo seminars
David Fix taking part in the Pinball Expo seminars

He told us, “This changes nothing with Expo. Every pinball company will be treated the same. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m fair, ethical, and honest and have a passion for pinball. Any company wanting to release a new game at the show is welcome. I have never asked (Stern, JJP or American) what the new game is or asked for any prior knowledge before the show. When they want to make a big splash I will roll out the red carpet. Mutual respect among all the big ‘players’ along with the competition are what make this industry great.

Here’s how American Pinball announced David’s appointment:

American Pinball is proud to announce our new Director of Operations and Marketing, David Fix. David comes to us with many years of experience in the amusement industry after working for both the largest arcade manufacturer in the world and the fastest-growing family entertainment company in North America. Interacting with business owners, operators, collectors, and enthusiasts in the global amusement industry helps David bring a unique perspective to this position. David Fix is also well known as the vending hall chairman for the longest-running annual pinball show in the world, Pinball Expo. David has recently headed up the relaunch of Pinball Expo over the past three years, and now will help relaunch American Pinball to new heights.

David is also an avid pinball collector himself, with over 20 years of collecting titles, both classic and new. We are excited to have David jump on board with us, bringing his passion of pinball and his expertise to American Pinball. When asked about the future of American Pinball, David said, “I’m excited to be part of the journey, with American Pinball’s most exciting gameplay yet to come.”

About American Pinball
American Pinball is dedicated to creating pinball machines that truly excite the player and become renowned within the arcade community. American Pinball designs and manufactures pinball machines geared towards both the home and coin-operated amusement markets, headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. For more information about American Pinball, please visit
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