Date: 19th November, 2021

A new officially-licensed conversion kit for the game Funhouse has been announced to bring new features, new rules, a new sound package, new artwork, a full-colour display and an animated Mystery Mirror to the popular 1990 Williams title.

Pedretti Gaming, Team Pinball, FAST Pinball, PinSound and Planetary Pinball Supply have worked together to develop the Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare kit which comes with a new FAST Pinball WPC-89 replacement CPU board, a new PinSound sound board with all the audio content, a replacement Mystery Mirror which contains an LCD display to show dynamic content, a complete new speaker panel with a full-colour 14-inch LCD display and a new speaker system, a new translite and interior cabinet artwork decals.

The new translite and speaker panel with the LCD panel
The new translite and speaker panel with the LCD panel

The new printed and display graphics are by Italian graphic artist Morti Morti, while the new sounds and music come from Italian composer Zanhell.

The new Mystery Mirror second LCD panel
The new Mystery Mirror second LCD panel

The kit adds lots of new content to the game with a whole new ruleset, although the game’s software also let’s you switch back to play the classic Funhouse rules and score display if that’s required.

The new Funhouse: Rudy's Nightmare game kit
The new Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare game kit

Pedretti Gaming were not universally known until recently when they began manufacturing Pinball Brother’s Alien pinball games, but they are a partner with Planetary Pinball Supply (PPS) for the production of licensed reproduction Williams pinball parts which they have been manufacturing for several years. Two years ago Pedretti and PPS reached an agreement to produce a series of ‘2.0’ conversion kits for existing Williams/Bally titles, with this Funhouse kit the first to be announced.

The Funhouse: Rudy's Nightmare kit
The Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare kit

Installing the Rudy’s Nightmare kit involves no permanent modification to the Funhouse game other than unplugging and removing the Mystery Mirror, display panel, CPU board and sound board, replacing them with the new equivalents in the kit along with the translite. All the new software and sounds are included, along with the original versions. All the original parts can always be returned to the game if it is being sold.

The new speaker panel with the 14-inch LCD panel and upgraded speakers
The new speaker panel with the 14-inch LCD panel and upgraded speakers
A section of the interior cabinet artwork
A section of the interior cabinet artwork

The new software includes several extra modes including Duck Hunt, The Evil Clones, Hot-Dog Combat, Rudy & The Monkiss, Haunted Rollercoaster, Don’t You Want A Balloon?, Melt The Clone and Evil Rudy Multiball.

The new Duck Hunt mode
Evil Clones mode
Hot-Dog Combat mode
Rudy & The Monkiss
Haunted Rollercoaster mode
Don't You Want A Balloon? mode
Melt The Clone mode
Evil Rudy Multiball mode
Evil Rudy Multiball mode

No price has yet been set for the kit, but distributors Free Play Retro Games, RS Pinball, CoinTaker, Planetary Pinball, Freddy’s Pinball Paradise, Mr Pinball Australia and Pedretti are taking expressions of interest to create an order list once the pricing and availability has been confirmed. The first 200 orders will also receive a limited edition Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare T-shirt (size: Large).

This T-shirt is included with the first 200 orders
This T-shirt is included with the first 200 orders

Finally, here’s a promo video for the new game showing some of the features we’ve detailed above and another showing some of the new gameplay.

Pinball News will be back with more information about the making of Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare along with an interview with its creators and details of price and availability in a follow-up article coming soon.

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  1. Rob Hedval

    28th February, 2022 at 9:05pm

    I hope they let Farsight Studios use this for their Funhouse for Pinball FX!


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