Date: 4th March, 2023

Our earlier article brought you the first teaser video of American Pinball’s upcoming Galactic Tank Force game, but today the second teaser ahead of the full reveal has been published and it shows more of the feel of the graphics and how the previously-announced actors images might be integrated.

The new video begins with a new speeded-up animation of the new American Pinball logo possibly acknowledging that, now it has been premiered, the extended animation from the first teaser is a little too lengthy to be used every time.

It then changes to what appears to be a tank commander in the midst of battle.

The graphic style of the animations in Galactic Tank Force
An indication of the graphic style of the animations in Galactic Tank Force

The audio includes some battlefield voice calls as well as an evil female laugh at the end, perhaps suggesting who might be the chief antagonist in the storyline.

The video then changes to silhouetted hint at the shape of one of Force’s tanks.

This silhouette is the only clue so far to the shape of the eponymous tank
This silhouette is the only clue so far to the shape of the eponymous tank

American Pinball is still not directly referring to the name of the game other than in the very faint copyright and trademark strap at the bottom which includes the name Galactic Tank Force as a trademark for the company.

The video ends by promoting American Pinball’s integration of the Scorbit system. This was announced at Pinball Expo in October 2022 and shown running on the Hot Wheels game there. The intention is to integrate Scorbit into all American Pinball titles, so it makes sense for Galactic Tank Force to have it from the start.

Anyway, here’s the new video.

The teaser video for Galactic Tank Force from American Pinball

The game is expected to be presented to the public at the Texas Pinball Festival in March following American Pinball’s seminar at 5pm on Friday 24th.

Pinball News will, of course, bring you more details of Galactic Tank Force right here, and we will be in Frisco to cover the public presentation at the Texas Pinball Festival too.

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