Date: August 2017
Location: 624 South Lake Street, Mundelein, IL 60060, USA
Phone: 1-847-566-5380

Bill’s Pizza & Pub is very well known in the far north Chicago Suburbs as a family
owned business that has served excellent pizza and other American ‘pub style’ foods
and drinks since 1957.

The exterior signage at Bill's Pizza & Pub
The exterior signage at Bill’s Pizza & Pub
Bill's Northsider pizza
Bill’s Northsider pizza

In addition to their thin crust and double decker pizza, they are also known for their
fabulous ‘Chicago Style’ hot dogs. Bill’s has been consistently ranked in the top 10 ‘pub
style’ pizza restaurants in the NW Chicagoland area for nearly a generation.

The menu at Bill's
The menu at Bill’s

On the inside, Bill’s decor reminds me of a rustic north-woods hunting lodge with its
exposed rough wood beams, fireplace, and wildlife ‘trophies’ mounted on the walls.

The hunting lodge look
The hunting lodge look
The dining area
The dining area
Don't touch the bear!
Don’t touch the bear!

Before carrying on with this review I want to mention a couple of important points.

  • Bill’s game room was moved from near the rear entrance to the front of the dining area recently. This was done to accommodate the new ‘over 21’ gambling area where the pinball and video games had previously been. If you can’t find the pinball, just ask.
  • Bill’s is one of those places that still serves peanuts in the shell in baskets on the tables and patrons throw the peanut shells on the floor. If you have even the slightest peanut allergy STAY AWAY.
Great if you're nuts for nuts
Great if you’re nuts for nuts
If not, you have been warned
If not, you have been warned

Bill’s beverage deals include:

  • Monday $2 Coors Light pints
  • Tuesday $3.50 Blue Moon pints
  • Wednesday $2.00 Miller Lite or Miller Genuine Draft pints
  • Thursday $3.50 Leinenkugel’s or NB Ranger IPA pints
  • Friday $3.50 Samuel Adams pints
  • Saturday $3.00 Lite, Bud Light or Coors Light pints
  • Saturday $2.00 Miller Lite pints

Bill’s also has a great selection of craft and macro beers and a full bar.

The beer and wine menu
The beer and wine menu
Or pick a cocktail instead
Or pick a cocktail instead

Bill’s landmark location in Mundelein located on the corner of South Lake Street (State
Route 45) and Diamond Lake Road, has only one pinball game – a Williams’ Fish Tales. I
found this to be very appropriate for a business that adjoins beautiful Diamond Lake.

The Fish Tales pinball
The Fish Tales pinball

The add-on fish tank topper complements Bill’s woodsy dining room decor.

The game is playable, but is in dire need of a good cleaning and general maintenance.
This unfortunately seems to be a common situation in our area where a game is put in a
bar or restaurant- the game owners stop by to collect the money but apparently do little
in the way of periodic maintenance.

There was a glare on the glass caused by an overhead spotlight, but I was able to reach
up and move the fixture to help reduce the glare. Unfortunately then the playfield was
quite dark- but it was certainly better than trying to see through the glare.

Fish Tales is 50 cents per credit, quarters only. There is a change machine nearby as
well as a couple of ‘claw’ games and video games.

Claw games in the arcade at Bill's
Claw games in the arcade at Bill’s
Another flipper game with some dispensers
Another flipper game with some dispensers
A kids' driving video game next to the pinball
A kids’ driving video game next to the pinball

Unfortunately the game room and the one lonely pinball does not make Bill’s a
destination in itself. However, if you are in search of a great pizza and cold beer, Bill’s
original location in Mundelein off of Diamond Lake is a top choice.

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