Date: 17th January, 2019

In his first court appearance since 10th December, former pinball designer John Trudeau today pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography.

John Trudeau
John Trudeau

Trudeau was arrested on 25th August, 2017 following a raid on his home in Glendale Heights, around 20 miles west of Chicago. The raid was part of a wider investigation into the production and distribution of child pornography during which his name surfaced.

He initially pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. However, he was subsequently re-arrested on 17th May, 2018 on a different set of charges of criminal sexual abuse of a female family member.

The severity of those charges – and two more which were added in July – meant Trudeau was held in jail until the case could be heard. Those charges are ongoing, with the next court hearing scheduled for tomorrow. He has pleaded not guilty to all five charges.

His guilty pleas in the original two charges appear to be part of a plea bargain deal struck with prosecutors and agreed by the judge. They are ‘stipulation of facts’ guilty pleas which means that he accepts the truth of the facts presented without directly admitting guilt.

The court records for the two charges
The court records for the two charges

Exact details of the sentence are not yet confirmed, but from court records it appears Trudeau was given a custodial sentence of three years with credit given for his time served in jail of 246 days.

The three year sentence
The three year sentence

He will be registered as a convicted sex offender, will have his DNA taken and stored by the Illinois Department of Correction, and will be liable for a fine of $1,000 as well as court costs of more than $2,200 and legal fees yet to be determined.

Pinball News has been providing regular updates on the progress of both sets of charges and we will update this report with more details of the plea bargain as soon as we get them, along with the outcome of tomorrow’s hearing.

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  1. TheJackson5

    31st May, 2020 at 3:50pm

    so he should be released in late 2020? where does this dude go from here?


    • Pinball News

      2nd June, 2020 at 5:54pm

      Actually, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections, John Trudeau is due for release from the Taylorville Correctional Center in Taylorville on parole on 15th November, 2021.


      • moo

        11th October, 2022 at 8:57pm

        Parole denied, next one is 15th November 2023


        • Pinball News

          11th October, 2022 at 9:16pm


          His sentence for the two offences was originally 3 years with initial custody on 17th April 2018.

          On 15th November 2021 at Taylorville Correctional Center his release was denied.

          His release is now to be reviewed on 15th November 2023, with a release date after his initial custody now set at 3 years to life.


          • miller

            15th April, 2023 at 6:57am

            I have been researching on a case similar to this one due to my previous and current situation and due to the facts of the hidden credentials in this case it leaves me shaky in faith and leaves me where I’m unaware of how to handle this situation I have tried to contact doj recently but my number is ported so the calls are retrieved and I can never reach authorities but if I can get someone to confirm some facts to assure me of the true identity and John is whom I think it is then John is innocent and that’s the god honest truth. I am the supposed to be the victim in this matter but the individual the court is getting information from is lying in my identity my life is very restricted due to the fact that they don’t want me to speak up and tell the truth on the actual sick predators so I’m bind almost completely down I have been trying to figure this out for almost for years and have been drugged and alot more to drive me crazy or take my life to keep me from coming forth with the truth. So if anyone out there knows what I can do or who I can contact to save this innocent man and they arrest the right criminals please give me some kind of feed back asap if possible it would be greatly appreciated and may god bless but please consider me and I pray that I have found the right place to get the true sick predators off the streets to keep any other innocent people from getting hurt!

  2. D.R.

    21st August, 2023 at 11:50am

    Miller, Find a lawyer, go to Illinois, look around Glendale Heights and then Taylorville correctional center


  3. Anonymous

    30th January, 2024 at 7:57pm

    Miller, not sure who you are but you are wrong! This man is as guilty as they come. You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps you are confusing this John Trudeau with another, but I can tell you that the Pinball John Trudeau is a very sick man. How do I know this…… because I am his victim. I went to court and testified. Get your facts straight. The court got their facts straight from my mouth, not from other sources so please stop leaving your opinions on this site.


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