Date: 21st July, 2021

As our earlier reports detailed, the Museum of Pinball’s collection of more than 500 pinballs and 900 video games was to be auctioned off over two three-day sessions at the Museum’s location in Banning, California.

The Museum of Pinball in Banning
The Museum of Pinball in Banning

The auction was widely publicised, locally, nationally and even internationally. This was expected to bring large number of interested bidders to the Captain’s Auction Warehouse website where the catalogue of items under the hammer is available to browse and online bids can be placed.

Some of the hundreds of pinballs at the Museum
Some of the hundreds of pinballs at the Museum

Viewing began at midday yesterday, Friday 10th September, with the first lot – a The Amazing Spider-Man pinball – auctioned at 3pm, reaching a hammer price of $3,500. In total, 756 pinballs and video games were sold over the three days of the first auction – 130 on Friday, 298 on Saturday and 328 on Sunday.

Prices were expected to be at the top end of expectations, but the widespread interest, extensive publicity, historical importance and large number of inexperienced bidders saw hammer prices exceed even those lofty values.

In addition to the hammer price, a buyer’s premium of 18% and 7.75% sales tax need to be added, along with any shipping fees for buyers unable to collect their purchases themselves.

The live stream of the Captain's Auction Warehouse at the Museum of Pinball
The live stream of the Captain’s Auction Warehouse at the Museum of Pinball

Below we have the auction lots, hammer prices and total prices (excluding shipping) for all 756 items sold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, courtesy of Captain’s Auction Warehouse.

The total collected on Friday was $535,534.74 including buyer’s premium and tax. On Saturday that rose to $1,346,719.84, while Sunday raised $1,666,680.23, giving a grand total of $3,548,934.81 over the three days.

Of that, $255K is paid in taxes with $502K from the buyers’ premium going to the auction company. The remaining $2.791M is expected to go to the Weeks family who owned the collection, although it is common practice for the auction company to also take a fee from the seller. This seller’s premium is usually subject to negotiation and not generally made public.

The auction continues in two weeks’ time on 24th-26th September with the same viewing and auction hours as the first three-day auction.

Here are the prices from the first day of the auction on Friday:

LotTitleHammer PriceTotal Price
1The Amazing Spiderman Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,500.00$4,450.08
2Superman Pinball Machine Atari SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
3Sky Rocket Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
4Nitro Ground Shaker Pinball Machine Bally SS$2,300.00$2,924.34
5Eight Ball Champ Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$2,300.00$2,924.34
6Waterworld Pinball Machine Gottlieb$4,900.00$6,230.11
7Time Line Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$2,800.00$3,560.06
8Spanish Eyes Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
9Algar Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
10The Red Max Rare Pinball Machine Bally$5,900.00$7,501.56
11Spin Out Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,700.00$2,161.47
12Special Force Pinball Machine Bally$1,900.00$2,415.76
13Harlem Globetrotters On Tour Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
14King Kool Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
15Escape from the Lost World Pinball Machine$2,800.00$3,560.06
16Scorpion Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
17Comet Pinball Machine Williams$3,000.00$3,814.35
18Hollywood Heat Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,500.00$4,450.08
19Monte Carlo Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,400.00$4,322.93
20Big House Pinball Machine Gottlieb #1$5,300.00$6,738.69
21Diamond Lady Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,800.00$4,831.51
22Ready Aim Fire Rare Pinball Machine$2,900.00$3,687.21
23Jacks To Open Pinball Machine Mylstar$2,800.00$3,560.06
24Lights Camera Action Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,000.00$3,814.35
25Gladiators Pinball Machine Gottlieb$2,900.00$3,687.21
26Silver Slugger Pinball Machine Gottlieb$2,900.00$3,687.21
27Big House Pinball Machine Gottlieb #2$2,800.00$3,560.06
28Rack ‘Em Up Pinball Machine Mylstar$2,300.00$2,924.34
29Super Orbit Pinball Machine Mylstar$2,300.00$2,924.34
30Operation Thunder Pinball Machine Gottlieb 1992$2,300.00$2,924.34
31Q-Bert’s Quest Pinball Machine Gottlieb$8,800.00$11,188.76
32Rock Encore! Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier$3,300.00$4,195.79
33Excalibur Pinball Machine Premier SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
34Spirit Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$6,300.00$8,010.14
35Black Hole Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
36Haunted House Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$5,500.00$6,992.98
37Ice Fever Pinball Machine Premier SS$2,500.00$3,178.63
38Pink Panther Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$4,300.00$5,467.24
39Rocky Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$10,000.00$12,714.50
40Touchdown Pinball Machine Premier SS$2,900.00$3,687.21
41Bounty Hunter Pinball Machine Premier SS$2,400.00$3,051.48
42Surf N Safari – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,600.00$4,577.22
43Class of 1812 – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$4,600.00$5,848.67
44Title Fight – Pinball Machine Premier SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
45Cactus Jack’s – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
46Raven – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$2,400.00$3,051.48
47Gold Wings – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$2,700.00$3,432.92
48Cue Ball Wizard – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier$3,900.00$4,958.66
49Barb Wire – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,600.00$4,577.22
50Rescue 911 – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,700.00$4,704.37
51Street Fighter II – Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$4,800.00$6,102.96
52Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street – Pinball Machine Premier SS$5,800.00$7,374.41
53Stargate Pinball Machine Gottlieb Premier SS$5,300.00$6,738.69
54Fast Draw – Pinball Machine Gottlieb$3,500.00$4,450.08
55Vulcan Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,100.00$3,941.50
56Dragon – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
57Jungle Queen – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
58Bronco – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$4,200.00$5,340.09
59Super Soccer – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
60300 Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
61Jet Spin – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
62Target Alpha Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
63Gridiron Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
64Close Encounters of the Third Kind Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$4,000.00$5,085.80
65Close Encounters of the Third Kind Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
66Pyramid Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
67Cleopatra Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
68Cleopatra Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
69Gotcha Classic Atari Arcade Game$4,900.00$6,230.11
70Bagman Classic Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
71After Burner Classic Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
72Ataxx Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
73Slither Classic Arcade Game Rockola$3,000.00$3,814.35
74Eyes Classic Rockola Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
75Jump Bug Classic Rockola Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
76Nibbler Classic Rockola Arcade Game$2,700.00$3,432.92
77Pengo Classic Sega Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
78Warp Warp Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
79Amidar Classic Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
80Lost Tomb Classic Stern Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
81Silk Worm Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
82Amidar Classic Upright Arcade Game Stern$1,000.00$1,271.45
83Scramble Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
84Super Cobra Upright Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
85Samurai Arcade Game$9,900.00$12,587.36
86Shinobi Sega Classic Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
87Congo Bongo Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
88Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoom Sega$1,600.00$2,034.32
89Sega Turbo Outrun Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
90Outrun Sega Racing Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
91Monte Carlo Arcade Game$3,200.00$4,068.64
92Power Drift Sega Driver Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
93Great 1000 mile rally Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
94Great 1000 mile rally2 Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
95Championship Sprint Atari Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
96Double Axle Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
97Midway’s Shuffle Board Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
98Willow Arcade Game Capcom$1,700.00$2,161.47
99Chicago Coin’s Junk Yard Mechanical Claw Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
100Star Wars Trilogy Upright Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
101Midway’s Chopper Mechanical Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
102Chicago Coin’s Deluxe World Series EM Pitch n Bat$2,000.00$2,542.90
103Midway’s Blue Shark 1978 Classic Arcade Game$9,900.00$12,587.36
104The Real Ghostbusters Dedicated 3 Player Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
106Zwackery Classic Bally Midway Arcade Game$8,300.00$10,553.04
107Varkon Pinball Arcade Game Williams$11,000.00$13,985.95
108Alien Syndrome Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
109Berzerk Classic Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
110Tac Scan Arcade Game$4,700.00$5,975.82
111Asteroids SEGA Classic Arcade Game$5,600.00$7,120.12
112Narc Classic Williams Arcade Game$3,400.00$4,322.93
113Super Zaxxon Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
114Moon Patrol Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
115Blaster Classic Arcade Game Williams Rare Dura Plastic Cabinet$5,100.00$6,484.40
116Motorace USA Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
117Stargate Defender Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
118Zektor Arcade Game$7,500.00$9,535.88
119Sinistar Classic Arcade Game Williams$3,800.00$4,831.51
120Robotron 2084 Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
121Bubbles Classic Williams Dedicated Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
122Midnight Marauder Classic Arcade Game$3,800.00$4,831.51
123Exerion Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
124Mr Driller Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
125Solar Quest Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
126Rip Off Classic Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
127Star Castle Classic Arcade Game$5,100.00$6,484.40
128Armor Attack Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
130Tail Gunner Arcade Game$6,800.00$8,645.86
131Piranha Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
131ANintendo Red Tent Classic Vs. Goonies, Vs. Hogans Alley Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
The lots, hammer prices and total prices for the games from the Museum of Pinball’s collection sold on Friday

Saturday’s auction began earlier and thus a higher number of items went under the hammer. Here are all 298 results from Saturday:

LotTitleHammer PriceTotal Price
132Jack the Giant Killer Cocktail Table Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
133Road Blasters Arcade Game Atari System 1 Cab$3,200.00$4,068.64
134Road Runner Arcade Game System 1 Cabinet$2,900.00$3,687.21
135Joust Classic Williams Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
136Triple Punch Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
137Tin Star Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
138Super Off Road 3 Player Arcade Game$5,000.00$6,357.25
139Frogger Classic Sega Arcade Game$3,000.00$3,814.35
140SVC Chaos 19″ Upright Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
141Warlords Classic Atari Arcade Game$2,100.00$2,670.05
142Forgotten Worlds Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
143Cyberball 2072 Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
143AArmored Car Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
143BCyber Storm Upright Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
143CMinefield by Stern Classic Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
144Two Crude Dudes Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
145Track & Field Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
146Gyruss Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
148Mach 3 Laser disc classic Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
149Cliff Hanger Laser Arcade Game Stern$4,100.00$5,212.95
150Cobra Command Arcade Game$9,100.00$11,570.20
151Thayers Quest Laser Disc Classic Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
152Space Ace Laser Disc Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
153Super Don Quixote Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
154Dragon Lair II Laser Disc Arcade Game$3,000.00$3,814.35
155Dragon Lair Laser Disc Arcade Game$4,400.00$5,594.38
156FireFox Atari Laser Disc Arcade Game$4,700.00$5,975.82
157Space Ace Laser Disc Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
158Michael Jackson Moon Walker Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
159Rip Cord 1979 Classic Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
160Rally Bike Classic Taito Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
161Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Arcade Game System 1$2,800.00$3,560.06
161AArm Champs II Sports Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
161BRetrocade Mini Arcade Game Teamplay$1,200.00$1,525.74
161CThe GRID Arcade Game Cabinet and Monitor Only$400.00$508.58
161DBerzerk Arcade Game Project Stern$900.00$1,144.31
162720 Skateboard Atari Classic Arcade Game$4,600.00$5,848.67
163Star Trek simulator Classic Upright Arcade Game$3,000.00$3,814.35
164GI Joe Real American Hero Arcade Game$3,800.00$4,831.51
165Dragon Lair II Laser Disc Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
166Mister Viking Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
167Mario Bros. Nintendo Upright Arcade Game$3,300.00$4,195.79
168Speed Rumbler Arcade Game$700.00$890.02
169Dyger Upright Arcade Game$600.00$762.87
170Thief Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
171Jack the Giant Killer Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
172Mayday Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
173Play Choice Nintendo Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
174Double Dragon 3 Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
175Elevator Action Arcade Game$2,100.00$2,670.05
176Joust Classic Williams Arcade Game$5,000.00$6,357.25
177Espial Arcade Game$600.00$762.87
178Ajax Classic Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
17919xx: The War against Destiny Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
180Raiden Fighters 2 Upright Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
181Raiden Fighters Upright Arcade Game$500.00$635.73
182Strikers 1945 Arcade Game$700.00$890.02
183Carrier Air Wing Upright Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
184Boulder Dash Exidy Arcade Game$5,800.00$7,374.41
185Flip and Flop Arcade Game$3,700.00$4,704.37
186Super Don Quixote Arcade Game$2,800.00$3,560.06
187Gretsky 3D Hockey Arcade Game$3,000.00$3,814.35
188Nibbler Classic Rockola Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
189Hot Rod 4 Player Sega Classic Arcade Game$2,800.00$3,560.06
190Stun Runner Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
191Night Driver Sitdown Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
192Speed Up Sitdown Racing Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
193Metal Maniax Prototype Atari Motion Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
194Rail Chase 2 Sega Sitdown Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
195Faster Than Speed Dual Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
196Nintendo Red tent Classic Vs. Super Mario Vs. Pinball Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
197Star Trek Voyager Sitdown Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
198Star Wars JP Sitdown Side by Side Arcade Game Sega$4,400.00$5,594.38
199Dance Dance Revolution DDR Max 2 Arcade Game$4,600.00$5,848.67
200Power Drift Motion DX Sega Driver Arcade Game$3,800.00$4,831.51
201Nascar Arcade Sitdown Racing Arcade Game$3,100.00$3,941.50
202Mario Cart Arcade Sitdown Racing Arcade Game Linkable$4,900.00$6,230.11
203Mario Cart Arcade Sitdown Racing Arcade Game Linkable$5,000.00$6,357.25
204Rave Racer Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
205Pole Position “sitdown” Classic Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
206Galaga Assault Arcade Game$3,800.00$4,831.51
207Nintendo Red tent Classic Vs. Mach Rider Vs. Super Mario Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
208Disc of Tron Environmental Classic Arcade Game$11,500.00$14,621.68
209Star Trek simulator “sitdown” Arcade Game$4,500.00$5,721.53
210Club Kart Sitdown Racing Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
211Club Kart Sitdown Racing Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
212Mario/Sonic Rio Olympics (set of 2) Sports Namco Arcade Game$6,800.00$8,645.86
213Grand Prix Star Dual Racing Arcade Game$600.00$762.87
214Side by Side Evolution Dual Driver Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
215Cops! Laser Disc Sitdown Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
216Bally Space Flight Mechanical Arcade Game$15,500.00$19,707.48
217Airball Mechanical Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
218Chicago Coin’s Rifle Gallery Mechanical Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
219Vapor TRX Sitdown Racing Arcade Game Atari$900.00$1,144.31
220Road Burners Atari Motorcycle Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
221Star Wars Battle Pod Namco Deluxe Arcade Game$17,000.00$21,614.65
222Mario/Sonic Rio Olympics (set of 2) Sports Namco Arcade Game$4,300.00$5,467.24
223X-Men vs. Street Fighter Showcase Podium 33″ CRT Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
224Big Tony’s Poker Kard Table Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
225Atari XO Football Table Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
226Fire Escape Mechanical Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
227Midway Sea Raider Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
228Subs Classic Atari Arcade Game$4,600.00$5,848.67
229Arabian Classic Atari Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
230Wonder Boy Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
231Marble Madness Arcade Game Atari System 1$3,600.00$4,577.22
232Peter Pak Rat Classic Arcade Game 1985 Atari System 1$4,500.00$5,721.53
233Exterminator Gottlieb Classic Arcade Game$10,000.00$12,714.50
234Reactor Gottlieb Arcade Game$4,700.00$5,975.82
235Krull Arcade Game$6,500.00$8,264.43
236Mad Planets Classic Arcade Game$5,000.00$6,357.25
237Qbert Gottlieb Classic Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
238Qbert @!&%* Classic Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
239Qbert Qubes Classic Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
240Three Stooges Classic Mylstar Arcade Game$6,100.00$7,755.85
241Mister Viking Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
242Dragon Breed Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
243Wacko Classic Bally Upright Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
244King & Balloon Upright Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
245Tutankhamun Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
246Rolling Thunder Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
247Klax Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
248Xybots Arcade Game$2,100.00$2,670.05
249Golden Tee Live 2008 Golf Arcade Game$3,700.00$4,704.37
250World Series 99 Baseball Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
251PGA Golf Sports Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
252Star Wars Trilogy Upright Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
253Quarterback Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
254Battletoads Dedicated Arcade Game$3,000.00$3,814.35
255Tattoo Assassins Rare Data East Arcade Game$13,500.00$17,164.58
256Dunk Shot Basketball Table Atari Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
257Grand Champion Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
258Road Riot 4wd Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
259Moon War Stern Classic Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
260Quasar Rare Classic Arcade Game Zaccaria$2,500.00$3,178.63
261Tank Battalion Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
262Targ Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
263Cosmic Chasm Arcade Game$11,100.00$14,113.10
264Demolition Derby Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
265NBA Jam Midway Basketball Arcade Game$3,100.00$3,941.50
266The Grid Midway Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
267Truxton Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
268Brix Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
269Goindol Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
270Revenge of Doh Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
271Batman Upright Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
272Pacmania Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
273Stargate Defender Classic Arcade Game$5,200.00$6,611.54
274Badlands Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
275Hang-on Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
276Max RPM Bally Classic Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
277Speed Buggy Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
278All American football Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
279Legendary Wings Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
280Extreme Hunting 2 Arcade Game Mechanized Attack cab$600.00$762.87
281Lode Runner Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
282Space Battle Upright Arcade Game$600.00$762.87
283Captain Commando Dedicated Big Blue Arcade Game$2,700.00$3,432.92
284Taito Battle Shark Upright Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
285Sega Grand Prix Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
286House of the Dead 2 Arcade Game Sega$3,800.00$4,831.51
287Pop n Music Konami Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
288Mystic Marathon Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
289The Simpsons Dedicated 4 player Arcade Game$3,400.00$4,322.93
290Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
291Chicken Shift Arcade Game$7,500.00$9,535.88
292Millipede Classic Atari Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
293Super Masters Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
294Xevious Classic Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
295Vindicators Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
296Smash TV WIlliams Classic Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
297Donkey Kong Nintendo Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
298Assault Classic Arcade Game Atari$1,300.00$1,652.89
299Rampage 3 Player Bally Arcade Game$3,400.00$4,322.93
300Triple Punch Upright Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
301Surf Planet Arcade Game$500.00$635.73
302Cabal Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
303Snow Brothers Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
304Up N Down Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
305Bull Fight Bally Midway Arcade Game$3,100.00$3,941.50
306Ghosts n Goblins Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
307Donkey Kong Nintendo Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
308Metrocross Arcade Game$500.00$635.73
309Cruisin Driver Arcade Game$700.00$890.02
310UN Squadron Upright Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
311Xenophobe Arcade Game$2,700.00$3,432.92
312Eyes Rockola Classic Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
313War of the Worlds Rare Classic Arcade Game$10,000.00$12,714.50
314Paper Boy Special Edition Original Only 1 Signed By Team Arcade Game$11,500.00$14,621.68
315Panic Park Upright Arcade Game Namco$4,700.00$5,975.82
316Mach Storm Jet Fighter Battle Pod Arcade Game Namco$5,500.00$6,992.98
317Derby Owners Club Deluxe 8 Player Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
318Pac-Man Battle Royale Cocktail Table Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
319Power Excavator Classic Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
320Lucky and Wild Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
321Steel Talons Dual Sitdown Arcade Game$1,300.00$1,652.89
322California Speed Racing Arcade Game$400.00$508.58
323Fast and Furious Deluxe LCD Racing Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
324Crackin DJ Upright Music Rythym Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
325Planet Harriers Dual Sitdown Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
326Need for Speed Carbon Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
327Mario Cart Arcade Sitdown Racing Arcade Game Linkable$4,200.00$5,340.09
328Mario Cart Arcade Sitdown Racing Arcade Game Linkable$3,500.00$4,450.08
329Crazy Taxi Sitdown Driver Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
330Gun Blade NY Upright Sega Arcade Game$2,100.00$2,670.05
335Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine Sega$8,200.00$10,425.89
336Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Pinball Machine Sega SS$5,300.00$6,738.69
337South Park Pinball Machine Sega SS$7,700.00$9,790.17
338Baywatch Pinball Machine Sega$8,000.00$10,171.60
339Last Action Hero Pinball Machine Data East SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
340Lost In Space Pinball Machine Sega$6,000.00$7,628.70
341Godzilla Pinball Machine Sega SS$6,100.00$7,755.85
342The X Files Pinball Machine Sega SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
343Viper Night Drivin’ Pinball Machine Sega SS$4,500.00$5,721.53
344Twister Pinball Machine Sega$5,600.00$7,120.12
345Jurassic Park Pinball Machine Data East SS$8,300.00$10,553.04
346Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball Machine Data East SS$5,000.00$6,357.25
347Star Wars Pinball Machine Data East SS$8,000.00$10,171.60
348The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard Pinball Machine Data East SS$9,000.00$11,443.05
349Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Pinball Machine Data East SS$6,800.00$8,645.86
350Star Trek Pinball Machine Data East SS$7,400.00$9,408.73
351Hook Pinball Machine Data East SS$6,100.00$7,755.85
352Guns N’ Roses Pinball Machine Data East SS$8,100.00$10,298.75
353Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Machine Data East SS$7,300.00$9,281.59
354Checkpoint Pinball Machine Data East SS$4,000.00$5,085.80
355The Simpsons Pinball Machine Data East SS$8,500.00$10,807.33
356Sharkey’s Shootout Jeanette Lee Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,900.00$4,958.66
357Kelly Packard’s Golden Cue Pinball Machine Sega Stern SS$5,500.00$6,992.98
358Back to the Future Pinball Machine Data East SS$14,000.00$17,800.30
359Robocop Pinball Machine Black Cabinet Data East SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
360Playboy 35th Anniversary Pinball Machine Data East$6,300.00$8,010.14
361Secret Service Pinball Machine Data East SS$5,700.00$7,247.27
362Laser War Pinball Machine Data East SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
363Monday Night Football Pinball Machine Data East SS$6,200.00$7,882.99
364Jackpot Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,500.00$4,450.08
365Gay 90’s Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,300.00$4,195.79
366Fan-Tas-Tic Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
367Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
368Space Odyssey Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
369Super-Flite Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
370Pit Stop Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,700.00$4,704.37
371Winner Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
372Toledo Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
373Valencia Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,300.00$4,195.79
374Aztec Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,100.00$3,941.50
375Lucky Seven Pinball Machine Williams EM$4,300.00$5,467.24
376Travel Time Pinball Machine Williams EM$1,800.00$2,288.61
377Jive Time Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,000.00$2,542.90
378Skylab Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
379OXO Pinball Machine Williams EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
380Big Star Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
381Apollo 13 Pinball Machine Sega$7,700.00$9,790.17
382Solar Fire Pinball Machine Williams SS$4,600.00$5,848.67
383Time Fantasy Pinball Machine Williams SS$4,400.00$5,594.38
384Grand Lizard Pinball Machine Williams SS$4,500.00$5,721.53
385WWF Royal Rumble Widebody Pinball Machine Data East SS$7,000.00$8,900.15
386High Speed Pinball Machine Williams SS$7,200.00$9,154.44
387Sorcerer Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,400.00$4,322.93
388Banzai Run Pinball Machine Williams SS$14,500.00$18,436.03
389Red & Ted’s Road Show Pinball Machine Williams SS$4,700.00$5,975.82
390Big Guns Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,600.00$4,577.22
391Space Station Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,600.00$4,577.22
392Pool Sharks Pinball Machine Midway SS$2,700.00$3,432.92
393Rollergames Pinball Machine Williams SS$3,500.00$4,450.08
394Fire! “Champagne Edition” Pinball Machine Williams SS$5,400.00$6,865.83
395Comet Classic Pinball Machine Williams$6,000.00$7,628.70
396Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Pinball Machine Stern SS$5,000.00$6,357.25
397Earthshaker Pinball Machine Williams SS$5,600.00$7,120.12
398Whirlwind Pinball Machine Williams SS$7,200.00$9,154.44
399Taxi “Marilyn Edition” Pinball Machine Williams SS$5,900.00$7,501.56
400F-14 Tomcat Pinball Machine Williams SS$5,700.00$7,247.27
401Bad Cats Pinball Machine Williams SS$9,900.00$12,587.36
402Jokerz! Pinball Machine Williams SS$4,200.00$5,340.09
403Police Force Pinball Machine Williams SS$4,800.00$6,102.96
404Radical! Pinball Machine Midway SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
405Strange Science Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$5,200.00$6,611.54
406Hardbody Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,500.00$4,450.08
407Dungeons & Dragons Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$4,600.00$5,848.67
408City Slicker Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
409Black Pyramid Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$2,800.00$3,560.06
410Gold Ball Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$1,900.00$2,415.76
411Lady Luck Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,400.00$4,322.93
412SpeakEasy Pinball Machine 2 player Bally SS$4,600.00$5,848.67
413Grand Slam Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$4,000.00$5,085.80
414Beat the Clock Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
415Spy Hunter Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,900.00$4,958.66
416Kings of Steel Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$2,600.00$3,305.77
417Blackwater 100 Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$4,600.00$5,848.67
418Centaur Pinball Machine Bally SS$5,900.00$7,501.56
419Xenon Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,900.00$6,230.11
420Vector Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,700.00$5,975.82
421Spectrum Pinball Machine Bally SS$6,200.00$7,882.99
422Medusa Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,800.00$6,102.96
423Elektra Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,800.00$6,102.96
424Fathom Pinball Machine Bally SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
425X’s & O’s Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
426Flash Gordon Pinball Machine Bally SS$7,900.00$10,044.46
The lots, hammer prices and total prices for the games from the Museum of Pinball’s collection sold on Saturday

Sunday was another full day of sales. Here are all Sunday’s 328 auction results:

LotTitleHammer PriceTotal Price
427Nugent Pinball Machine Stern SS – Autographed$4,500.00$5,721.53
428Trident Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
429Lectronamo Pinball Machine Stern SS$2,100.00$2,670.05
430Stars Pinball Machine Stern SS$2,600.00$3,305.77
431Stingray Pinball Machine Stern SS$2,700.00$3,432.92
432Magic Pinball Machine Stern SS$2,900.00$3,687.21
433Dracula Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,400.00$4,322.93
434Galaxy Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
435Star Gazer Pinball Machine Stern SS$9,700.00$12,333.07
436Cosmic Princess Pinball Machine (Australia) Stern SS$13,500.00$17,164.58
437Quicksilver Pinball Machine Stern SS$5,800.00$7,374.41
438Nine Ball Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
439Lightning Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
440Catacomb Pinball Machine Stern SS$5,000.00$6,357.25
441Viper Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,900.00$4,958.66
442Big Game Pinball Machine Stern SS$4,300.00$5,467.24
443Split Second Pinball Machine Stern SS$2,800.00$3,560.06
444Orbitor 1 Pinball Machine Stern SS$5,700.00$7,247.27
445Flight 2000 Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
446Freefall Pinball Machine Stern SS$4,000.00$5,085.80
447Wheel Of Fortune Pinball Machine Stern SS$5,600.00$7,120.12
448High Roller Casino Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,800.00$4,831.51
449Austin Powers Pinball Machine Stern SS$6,000.00$7,628.70
450Breakshot Pinball Machine Capcom SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
451The Rolling Stones Pinball Machine (Limited Edition) Stern SS$8,000.00$10,171.60
452Monopoly Pinball Machine Stern SS$10,100.00$12,841.65
453Cyclopes – Pinball Machine Game Plan SS$6,900.00$8,773.01
454Roller Disco – Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
455Buck Rogers Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,300.00$4,195.79
456Captain Hook Pinball Machine Game Plan SS$3,100.00$3,941.50
457Sinbad Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$2,900.00$3,687.21
458Andromeda Pinball Machine Game Plan SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
459Eclipse Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$7,000.00$8,900.15
460Genie Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$2,800.00$3,560.06
461Striker Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
462Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$5,500.00$6,992.98
463Torch Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
464Asteroid Annie and the Aliens Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$6,700.00$8,518.72
465Solar Ride Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$2,500.00$3,178.63
466Circus Widebody Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS 1980$2,900.00$3,687.21
467Force II System 80 Pinball Machine Gottlieb$4,300.00$5,467.24
468Joker Poker Pinball Machine Gottlieb SS$4,900.00$6,230.11
469Hercules Pinball Machine Atari SS$18,000.00$22,886.10
470Airborne Avenger Atari Pinball Machine Wide body$2,300.00$2,924.34
471The Atarians Widebody Pinball Machine Atari$3,800.00$4,831.51
472Tiger Rag Pinball Machine Bell SS$2,500.00$3,178.63
473Space Hawks Pinball Machine Bell SS$2,600.00$3,305.77
474The Jetsons Pinball Machine The Pinball Company$5,700.00$7,247.27
475The Thunderbirds Pinball Machine Home Pin$4,500.00$5,721.53
476Rob Zombie Spookshow Pinball Machine Sooky$11,000.00$13,985.95
477Americas Most Haunted Pinball Machine Spooky$6,400.00$8,137.28
478AC/DC Luci (Premium) Pinball Machine Stern$12,000.00$15,257.40
478AGhostbusters Pinball Machine (Premium) Stern SS$10,000.00$12,714.50
479World Poker Tour Pinball Machine Stern SS$5,200.00$6,611.54
480Star Wars Premium Model Pinball Machine$11,500.00$14,621.68
481Joust Head to Head Pinball Machine (table) Williams SS$17,000.00$21,614.65
482Challenger Head to Head Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$6,000.00$7,628.70
483Black Belt Classic Bally Pinball Machine SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
484Dr Dude Pinball Machine Bally$5,000.00$6,357.25
485Party Zone Pinball Machine Bally$4,200.00$5,340.09
486The Bally Game Show Pinball Machine Midway SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
487Black Rose Pinball Machine Midway SS$5,300.00$6,738.69
488Elvira and the Party Monsters Pinball Machine Bally$8,200.00$10,425.89
489Dirty Harry Pinball Machine Williams$9,000.00$11,443.05
490The Shadow Pinball Machine Midway SS$6,200.00$7,882.99
491Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$11,000.00$13,985.95
492Twilight Zone Pinball Machine Midway SS$15,000.00$19,071.75
493Judge Dredd Pinball Machine Midway SS$9,500.00$12,078.78
494Popeye Saves the Earth Pinball Machine Midway SS$6,100.00$7,755.85
495World Cup Soccer Pinball Machine Midway SS$6,400.00$8,137.28
496Doctor Who Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$8,000.00$10,171.60
497NBA Fastbreak Pinball Machine Midway SS$6,800.00$8,645.86
498NBA Fastbreak Pinball Machine Midway SS$8,000.00$10,171.60
499The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition Gold Pinball Bally Midway SS$22,500.00$28,607.63
500Attack from Mars Pinball Machine Midway SS$10,250.00$13,032.36
501Scared Stiff Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$8,500.00$10,807.33
502Champion Pub Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$9,000.00$11,443.05
503Circus Voltaire Bally Pinball Machine$11,500.00$14,621.68
504Tales of the Arabian Nights Pinball Machine Williams SS$14,000.00$17,800.30
505Cactus Canyon Pinball Machine Midway SS$12,000.00$15,257.40
506Revenge From Mars Pinball Machine Midway SS$6,500.00$8,264.43
507Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Edition Pinball Machine #49/600$13,000.00$16,528.85
508Avengers Infinity Quest Limited Edition Pinball Machine Stern #416/500$12,500.00$15,893.13
509Stranger Things Limited Edition Pinball Machine Stern #97/500$11,000.00$13,985.95
510Jurassic Park Limited Edition Pinball Machine Stern #331/500$13,000.00$16,528.85
511Elvira House of Horror Limited Edition Pinball Machine #108/400$14,500.00$18,436.03
512Pinball Magic Pinball Machine Capcom SS$7,000.00$8,900.15
513Theatre of Magic Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$11,000.00$13,985.95
514Who Dunnit Pinball Machine Bally$6,600.00$8,391.57
525Embryon Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,900.00$6,230.11
526Space Invaders Pinball Machine Bally SS$7,000.00$8,900.15
527Future Spa Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,100.00$3,941.50
528HotDoggin’ Widebody Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
529Lost World Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,500.00$4,450.08
530The Six Million Dollar Man Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
531Silverball Mania Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,900.00$4,958.66
532Viking Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,000.00$5,085.80
533Fireball II Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,000.00$3,814.35
534Flip Flop Pinball Machine Bally EM$4,200.00$5,340.09
535Playboy Pinball Machine Bally SS$9,000.00$11,443.05
536Kiss Pinball Machine Bally SS$8,200.00$10,425.89
537Rolling Stones Pinball Machine Bally SS$7,500.00$9,535.88
538Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Machine Stern SS$8,500.00$10,807.33
539Dolly Parton Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,700.00$5,975.82
540Strikes and Spares Pinball Machine Bally$3,300.00$4,195.79
541Eight Ball Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,000.00$5,085.80
542Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine #2 Bally SS$5,700.00$7,247.27
543Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine Bally SS Large Displays$12,500.00$15,893.13
544Cybernaut Pinball Machine Bally Midway SS$3,500.00$4,450.08
545Transporter Pinball Machine Bally$4,000.00$5,085.80
546Paragon Pinball Machine Bally Widebody SS$4,200.00$5,340.09
547Wild Fyre Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,500.00$4,450.08
548Memory Lane Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,200.00$4,068.64
549Ali Classic – Pinball Machine SS Stern$4,700.00$5,975.82
550Seawitch Pinball Machine Stern SS$3,700.00$4,704.37
551Dragonfist Pinball Machine Stern SS$6,700.00$8,518.72
552Iron Maiden Pinball Machine Stern 1980$8,500.00$10,807.33
553Mata Hari Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,200.00$5,340.09
554Mata Hari Pinball Machine (plastic PF) Bally SS$4,700.00$5,975.82
555Mata Hari Pinball Machine Bally EM$7,000.00$8,900.15
556Star Trek Pinball Machine Bally SS$6,000.00$7,628.70
557Supersonic Pinball Machine Bally SS$3,500.00$4,450.08
558BMX Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,300.00$5,467.24
559Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom Pinball Machine Bally SS$6,400.00$8,137.28
560Loop The Loop Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
561Air Aces Pinball Machine Bally EM$1,800.00$2,288.61
562Evel Knievel Pinball Machine Bally SS$5,500.00$6,992.98
563Black Jack Pinball Machine Bally SS$2,700.00$3,432.92
564Bobby Orr Power Play Pinball Machine Bally SS$4,000.00$5,085.80
565Magnotron Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,000.00$2,542.90
566Duotron Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
567Big Shot Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$4,000.00$5,085.80
568Big Brave Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
569Surfer Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
570Jumping Jack Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
571Far Out Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
572Strange World Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
573Team One Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,100.00$2,670.05
574Abra Ca Dabra Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
575Flying Carpet Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
576Neptune Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
577Hit the Deck Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
578Sure Shot Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,800.00$2,288.61
579Bank Shot Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
580Buccaneer Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
581King Pin Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM WH$2,100.00$2,670.05
582Pro Pool Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
583Blue Note Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$7,500.00$9,535.88
584Rock Star Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$6,500.00$8,264.43
585Golden Arrow Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
586El Dorado Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,600.00$4,577.22
587Free Fall Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
588Centigrade 37 Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,000.00$3,814.35
589Jacks Open Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
590Capt. Card Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
591Atlantis Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
592Flipper Fair Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,300.00$4,195.79
593Drop-A-Card Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
594Astro Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,500.00$4,450.08
5954 Square Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
5962001 Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
597Jungle King Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
598Show Boat Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
599Slick Chick Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$7,800.00$9,917.31
600Dimension Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,500.00$4,450.08
601King of Diamonds Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
602Stock Car Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
603Road Race Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,100.00$2,670.05
604Extra Inning Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
605Home Run Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
606Playball Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
607Baseball Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$4,200.00$5,340.09
608Royal Guard Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,100.00$2,670.05
609Fun Land – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,700.00$2,161.47
610PlayMates – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
611Domino – Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,000.00$2,542.90
612Diamond Jack Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
613Flip a Card Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
614Spin-A-Card Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
615Mini Pool Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
616Aquarius Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,400.00$1,780.03
617Cross-Town Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
618Sky Line Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
619Buckaroo Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
620Cow Poke Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,200.00$4,068.64
621Central Park Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
622Hurdy Gurdy Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,100.00$3,941.50
623Mibs Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,500.00$1,907.18
624North Star Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
625Bank-A-Ball Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
626Flipper Pool Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
627Bowling Queen Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,700.00$2,161.47
628Majorettes Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$3,100.00$3,941.50
629Sweet Hearts Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
630Flipper Cowboy Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
631Olympics Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,800.00$2,288.61
632Cover Girl Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$1,700.00$2,161.47
633Flipper Clown Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,000.00$2,542.90
634Egghead Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,100.00$2,670.05
635Square Head Pinball Machine Pinball Machine Gottlieb WH$2,200.00$2,797.19
636Big Casino Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,700.00$3,432.92
637Melody Pinball Machine Gottlieb EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
638Capersville Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,800.00$3,560.06
639Camelot Pinball Machine Bally EM$1,800.00$2,288.61
640Firecracker Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
641Four Million B.C. Pinball Machine (german) Bally EM$2,600.00$3,305.77
642Fireball Pinball Machine Bally EM$9,000.00$11,443.05
643Four Million B.C. Pinball Machine (usa) Bally EM$2,900.00$3,687.21
643ADefender “Machine Gun” Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
644Space Time Pinball Machine Bally EM$1,700.00$2,161.47
645Dogies Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
646Doodle Bug Pinball Machine Williams EM$2,200.00$2,797.19
647Vampire Pinball Machine Bally EM$7,300.00$9,281.59
648Galahad Pinball Machine Bally EM$1,500.00$1,907.18
649RockMakers Pinball Machine Bally EM$1,900.00$2,415.76
649AOld Time Basketball Pop A Shot Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
650Cosmos Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,300.00$2,924.34
651Nip-It Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,000.00$2,542.90
652Little Joe Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,100.00$2,670.05
653Sea Ray Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,400.00$3,051.48
654Mariner Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,000.00$2,542.90
655Liberty Bell Pinball Machine Williams$2,300.00$2,924.34
656Hi Deal Pinball Machine Bally EM 1975$3,900.00$4,958.66
657Monte Carlo Pinball Machine Bally EM$2,500.00$3,178.63
658Champ Pinball Machine Bally EM$1,500.00$1,907.18
659Cosmos Pinball Machine #2 Bally EM$3,600.00$4,577.22
660Time Tunnel Pinball Machine Bally EM$5,200.00$6,611.54
661Round Up Pinball Machine Bally EM$4,500.00$5,721.53
670Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoom Cockpit Sega$3,100.00$3,941.50
671Quartet Classic Arcade Game$4,700.00$5,975.82
672Violent Storm Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
673Rolling Extreme Upright Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
674Millipede Classic Atari Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
675Kaos Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
676Dragon Spirit Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
677Bump and Jump Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
678Blue Print Arcade Game$5,500.00$6,992.98
679Pigskin 621 Arcade Game$2,700.00$3,432.92
680Gauntlet Dark Legacy Arcade Game$2,100.00$2,670.05
681Red Alert Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
682Tank Battalion Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
683Moon Fighter Arcade Game$500.00$635.73
684Moon Cresta Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
685Carnival Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
686King of Dragons Arcade Game$2,600.00$3,305.77
687Looping Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
688Pong Doubles Classic Arcade Game$4,000.00$5,085.80
689Crazy Kong Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
690Zero hour Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
691Galaxy Rescue Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
692Cosmic avenger Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
693Lady Bug Arcade Game$1,900.00$2,415.76
694Cosmic Alien Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
695Magical spot Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
696Gauntlet Classic Atari Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
697High Impact Football Arcade Game$600.00$762.87
698Satan’s Hollow Classic Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
699Mr Driller2 Upright Namco Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
700Aero Fighters Arcade Game$700.00$890.02
701Xevious Classic Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
703Lady bug Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
703AMr. Do Upright Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
704Crazy Climber Arcade Game$6,500.00$8,264.43
705Dead Angle Arcade Game$700.00$890.02
706Spot Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
707Dynamite Cop Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
708The Simpsons 4 player Arcade Game$3,400.00$4,322.93
709Cowboys of Moo Mesa Arcade Game$3,700.00$4,704.37
710Tetris Grand Masters Upright Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
711Taito Night Striker Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
712Darius Upright Dedicated Arcade Game$7,600.00$9,663.02
713QIX Classic Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
714Lock N Chase Upright Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
715Stratovox Arcade Game$2,000.00$2,542.90
716Lunar Rescue Arcade Game Taito$1,900.00$2,415.76
717Zoo Keeper Arcade Game$3,700.00$4,704.37
718QIX Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
719Wild Western Arcade Game$2,900.00$3,687.21
720Jungle King Taito Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
721Kram Arcade Game$3,900.00$4,958.66
722Jungle King Taito Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
723Front Line Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
724Alpine Ski Taito Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
725Holosseum Sega Arcade Game$3,500.00$4,450.08
725AFrogger Cocktail Table Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
725BDunkshot Basketball Table Arcade Game$900.00$1,144.31
726Cosmotrons Arcade Game$4,100.00$5,212.95
727Hologram Time Traveler Arcade Game$7,300.00$9,281.59
728Nemesis Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
729Commando Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
730Bandido Arcade Game$2,200.00$2,797.19
731Jatre Spectar Arcade Game Exidy Classic$1,000.00$1,271.45
732Phoenix Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
733Zeke’s Peak Taito Rare Classic Bar room Arcade$6,500.00$8,264.43
734Vanguard Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
735Moon Cresta Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
736Track and Field Arcade Game$2,500.00$3,178.63
737Pleiades Arcade Game$600.00$762.87
738Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
739Kung Fu Master Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
740Bubble Bobble Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
741Vigilante Arcade Game$2,300.00$2,924.34
742Kung Fu Master Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
743Karnov Arcade Game$2,400.00$3,051.48
744POW Classic Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
745Phoenix Upright Centuri Arcade Game$1,400.00$1,780.03
746Balloon and Balloon Arcade Game$1,200.00$1,525.74
747Hyper Sports Arcade Game$1,800.00$2,288.61
748Circus Charlie Arcade Game$3,400.00$4,322.93
749Lock On Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
750Karate Champ Upright Arcade Game Data East$900.00$1,144.31
751Gondomania Arcade Game$1,000.00$1,271.45
752War Final Assault Arcade Game$1,100.00$1,398.60
753War Final Assault Arcade Game$500.00$635.73
754Crisis Zone Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
755Mario/Sonic Rio Olympics (set of 2) Sports Namco Arcade Game$1,700.00$2,161.47
756Pump It up Dance Arcade Game Andamiro$3,000.00$3,814.35
757Para Para Paradise 2nd mix Music Arcade Game$4,200.00$5,340.09
758Mocap Boxing Sports Konami Arcade Game$800.00$1,017.16
759Alpine Racer2 Upright Arcade Game$2,100.00$2,670.05
760Crazy Taxi Upright Sega Arcade Game$2,800.00$3,560.06
761Top Skater 50″ Deluxe Classic Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
762Air Combat 22 Deluxe 50″ Jet Fighter Arcade Game$3,600.00$4,577.22
763Thunder Blade SItdown Motion Arcade Game$1,500.00$1,907.18
764G-Loc Air Battle Motion Deluxe Arcade Game$4,400.00$5,594.38
765Turbo Outrun Deluxe Sitdown Arcade Game$4,900.00$6,230.11
766Deal or No Deal Upright Arcade Game$1,600.00$2,034.32
767Bishi Bashi Channel Music Rythym Arcade Game$3,100.00$3,941.50
The lots, hammer prices and total prices for the games from the Museum of Pinball’s collection sold on Sunday

We’ll update this Pinball News report with all the prices from the second auction session in two weeks’ time.

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