Date: 24th February, 2023

American Pinball are today teasing their next release, the Dennis Nordman design, Galactic Tank Force, a game which promises to include at least one ground-breaking feature.

So far, American Pinball are only referring to it as ‘Game 5‘ in their teaser video…

American Pinball teasing their next release
American Pinball teasing their next release

However, the final frame shows the copyright and trademark details, and includes the name Galactic Tank Force as a trademark for the company.

The name of game 5 is revealed
The name of game 5 is revealed

The video begins with their new company logo, designed by Christopher Franchi who is also the artist for Galactic Tank Force. There is little about the game itself, although it does reveal the names of four of those contributing to it.

Here’s the video.

The teaser video for Galactic Tank Force from American Pinball

In what is believed to be an industry first, the game features the acting talents of four performers: Kerri Hoskins, Jeff Hoover, Mitchell Politt and Clementine Morfoot.

Since Galactic Tank Force is based on an original theme, American Pinball are free to create their own characters, with Kerri, Jeff, Mitchell and Clementine portraying them on the machine’s display. The four are not merely providing voices or recording motion-capture for computer-generated animated characters, but instead playing live-action roles created specifically for the game.

Other titles might repurpose clips of actors taken from the original licenced assets, but this is believed to be the first time actors have created and video recorded characters specifically for a pinball.

Another unusual design is expected to be found with the cabinet, which is designed to resemble the shape of a tank, at least when the head is folded down. This bespoke design may end up only being available on the Limited Edition level machines, due to increased manufacturing costs.

Galactic Tank Force is based on an original design by Dennis Nordman and Paul Reno
Galactic Tank Force is based on an original design by Dennis Nordman and Paul Reno

The game is expected to be revealed at the Texas Pinball Festival in March, with American Pinball’s seminar at 5pm on Friday the most likely time. That is also the time the main show hall opens, giving the public the opportunity to play it immediately after the seminar.

Pinball News will, of course, bring you more details of Galactic Tank Force right here, and we will be in Frisco, Texas to cover the full reveal at the Texas Pinball Festival too.

In the meantime, a second promotional teaser – which will hopefully provide more information about the game – will be released next Saturday, and Pinball News will bring it straight to you.

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